Reaching people at just the moment when they're actually thinking about tree maintenance is one of the most difficult aspects of tree service marketing. Luckily, our promotional products are one of the few marketing methods that can successfully overcome that particular problem.  How?  Simple.  By making your logo and contact information a fixture in potential customers' lives.  People pass over normal ads like they're nothing, but they'll keep and reuse promotional products indefinitely, ensuring that the name of your tree service will never be far when they need it.

Tree services can use nearly any promotional product successfully, but we've found fridge magnets, notepads, and calendars, as well as tree-shaped stress relievers to be very effective choices.  In general, varied tree-shaped promotional items of any kind can also be a good direction for tree service companies, and even real trees as they build a specific association between your business and trees in the mind of potential customers.  We carry an extensive selection of tree-shaped items, and any of our items can take on a tree theme if you include a tree in your custom printed design.  (continued below)

The tree service promotional products themselves can be used a number of different ways. Promotional apparel like baseball caps and jackets can be a great way to help your employees represent your business while they work.  Items like magnets or calendars can be distributed to local home or property owners, while more novel tree-shaped stress relievers work well at landscaping events or trade shows.  It's also a good idea to give items to new customers who request your services, particularly those only requesting a one-time service -- simply remembering the name of your company will make them more likely to use your service the next time they have a problem, and if you choose the right message for your items, you might even be able to get some of them interested in some of the ongoing tree maintenance services you offer.

Whatever strategy you use to find potential tree service customers, JH Studios can supply you with any of the items you need to reach out to them.  Don't let your competitors get to them first.

Article by Mirtha Holland


Tree Services Promotional Marketing