Are you currently working as a general contractor or in the construction industry? Are you always on the lookout for new ways to expand your customer base? You can find everything you need right here at JHStudios.com! We have a stock of more than a million quality promotional products that you can use to get your business name and contact information into the hands of people who need it, in a form they'll actually pay attention to.

If you've been looking for interesting items to hand out at trade shows or give to potential customers during a consultation, you've come to just the right place. We have tons of products ideal for contractors and construction companies. Tape measures are a favorite throughout the construction industry, with rulers, protractors, levels & combo tools and even custom made plastic tools not far behind. House-shaped items are also highly sought-after by businesses and customers alike, and you'll find that many of the items we carry have house-shaped versions available, if not more.

JH Studios can also provide promotional products for use within your contractor business. Regulation hard hats and other clothing can easily be customized to serve as a uniform for your workers, as can items like toolboxes and tool belts. A custom uniform will make your workers look more professional to bystanders, while also making those bystanders far more likely to remember the name of your business after they leave. If desired, we can also put slogans on items alongside your logo -- many businesses have had good results using safety-related slogans, both as a reminder to workers and as a demonstration of safety consciousness to customers.

Whether you're in need of custom items for your workers or your customers, you won't find any shortage of possibilities here at JHStudios.com. A few of our over one million promotional products could well be all it takes to make your business the one people think of when starting a new construction project.