Making the right impression on prospective customers is absolutely essential to successfully running a tattoo parlor. Every customer has to trust both in the artistic abilities and the physical skill of the artist giving them the tattoo, and instilling that level of trust in potential customers is a large part of the battle. The best tattoo studio marketing methods tackle the problem from both sides, building relationships with potential customers while also showing off the quality level they can expect from your business. Out of all the marketing strategies available, only promotional products can truly manage both of these things at the same time.

While people might accept a business card or flyer for a tattoo studio, nobody would ever consider it a gift. On the other hand, most people would consider a free T-shirt, frisbee, flying disc, or other useful product imprinted with the logo of your tattoo studio to be a welcome promotional gift, and they'll feel far more positive about your business after receiving it. Nearly any object can be turned into a promotional product, and JH Studios has over a million promotional products you can customize to fit your tattoo studio specifically.  (continued below)

We offer extensive customization options for all of our products, and many of our products can even be imprinted with full color artwork if desired. This offers you the perfect opportunity to win over potential customers with your designs. If they see a T-shirt or other promotional product with an attractive design, they'll be far more likely to trust your ability to give them an attractive tattoo. Promotional apparel like shirts and tote bags have a huge printing area to work with, making it easy to show off any number of different styles or to create an overall eye-catching design.

Whatever specific products you choose to customize with your artwork, you can count on them to get potential customers familiar with your business and your style. If you'd like to show prospective customers why they should trust your tattoo studio with their future tattoos, JH Studios is home to more a million promotional items that can easily get the message across.

Article by Mirtha Holland


Tattoo Artist Marketing