Every sporting goods should have a solid set of promotional products in its advertising arsenal. Athletic people tend to have athletic friends, and every promotional product you get into the hands of an athlete or fitness-focused person not only makes them more familiar with your brand, but makes their friends more familiar with your brand as well. JH Studios has more than one million items in our promotional product selection, including a whole slew of items perfect for marketing a sporting goods store.

Nearly every type of sporting good has a promotional equivalent, and you'll find them all here. We have promotional water bottles, blender bottles, and other drink containers for athletes, as well as athletic and sport-specific items like golf accessories, promotional items oriented towards basketball and those related to football, and so on. We have an extensive collection of promotional apparel like shorts and t-shirts, including items by well-known brands like Nike and Adidas. Combining the name of your sporting goods store with a well-established brand is a great way to enhance your own brand in the minds of customers, and they'll be more interested in the products you have to offer.  (continued below)

Promotional fitness items can be sold or given away depending on the specific item in question. High quality promotional apparel is a great item to stock in store, and it can also be a good item to make available as part of a customer rewards program. Having a store-brand version of various types of sporting and fitness equipment is a very easy way to seamlessly integrate your marketing efforts into normal, everyday business. Less expensive items like wristbands or key chain compasses are good for widespread giveaways meant to draw in customers.

Sporting goods stores have a wealth of incredible options when it comes to promotional product marketing, and nowhere is that more apparent than on our website. You won't find a better source of sports and fitness promotional products than JHStudios.com.

Article by John Holland


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