Is your business a pool cleaning service? Are you on the hunt for a fresh way to attract new customers? Promotional products are the answer! A good promotional product can do what many other types of ads regularly fail to do: catch a potential customer's attention long enough to get them familiar with your company. Where other marketing methods produce ads that are seen or heard once and then promptly forgotten, promotional products will display your logo continuously, familiarizing the recipient with your business every time they glance at the item.

What kinds of custom products do we carry for pool services? Everything you can imagine! You'll find all the classic standbys like pens, calendars, and refrigerator magnets as well as a fair number of pool-related items like promotional beach balls or sunscreen. We also carry items your employees can wear to represent your company to the world, such as shirts, caps, and other types of promotional clothing.  (continued below)

Targeting a group of likely customers with promotional products is one of the easiest ways to increase the number of pools you service. In areas where pools are common, simply bulk mailing a small, lightweight promotional product to every homeowner in the area can be highly effective. For areas where pools are less common and more unevenly distributed, finding a way to target pool owners specifically is more important. Many of our customers have had success teaming up with other business owners, and this can be a highly effective way to get your products into the right hands. Building relationships with real estate agents and other home-related businesses in your area is a very good way to ensure your items are targeted. Businesses that deal directly with homeowners will be able to selectively distribute your specifically to those who own pools, and being given the item by a business they already trust will increase the amount of trust they give your business right off the bat.

However you go about it, getting potential customers familiar with the name of your pool service is one of the most important steps in convincing them to hire you. With the sheer number of promotional products here at JHStudios.com, you should have no problem getting the name of your pool service in front of those who need to see it.

Article by Mirtha Holland


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