The challenge that most pest control companies face while advertising is that most people don't think about pest control companies until they actually have pests they need dealt with. A person with what they believe to be a totally pest-free house has no reason to pay attention to pest control company ads, while those who know they have a problem are likely to simply call the first company they can think of. How do you ensure that your pest control company has that honor? Promotional products are the key.

Traditional print, radio, and TV ads are here and gone quickly. To make a lasting impression on anyone, they have to be run again and again, and that can be very expensive. Promotional products, on the other hand, only need to be bought once, with each individual item being good for months or even years of advertising. Every time the recipient uses the item, they'll see the logo and contact information of your company and be reminded that you provide pest control services. By the time an actual infestation occurs, they'll be more than familiar with your company, and they'll know exactly where they need to look to find your phone number or website address.  (continued below)

What are the best promotional product options for pest control companies? To start with, insect control products like promotional flyswatters and insect spray are a few of the most effective ones, since they put the name of your company in front of people's eyes at moments when they're actually dealing with pests. This can be especially good if the insects they're dealing with turn out to be more than they can handle alone. However, insect control products aren't the only ones that can be effective for pest control companies, and even normal, everyday items like notepads or cleaning cloths can do a very good job of getting potential customers familiar with your business.

Whether you need promotional flyswatters, insect repellent, or something more general, JH Studios has over a million possible products for you to choose from.

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Article by Mirtha Holland


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