Do you have a massage therapy business? Would you like to increase the number of people who find and use your services? Our promotional products can help! Massage therapists thrive on a steady base of repeat customers, but turning a simple, one-time massage into a regular appointment can be a tricky business. Fortunately, promotional items a quick, easy way to ensure that no potential customer falls through the cracks.

What kinds of items work best for a massage therapist? Just about any item will do, if customized correctly. JH Studios has tons of items related to the back, such as backscratchers and back pillows, as well as a good number of products related to massage itself, such as small bottles of lotion or body oil. Items that stressed people tend to use are especially good for promoting a massage therapy business, and stress relievers are one of the best examples of this. (continued below)

Massage therapists use our promotional products to promote themselves in an incredible variety of ways, and anything that gets a promotional item into the hands of a potential customer is very effective. Giving items to attendees at an event or trade show is a very good way to ensure that they remember the name of your business after they leave. Massage therapists who have been hired by a company or organization for the day can end up with a good number of new customers just by giving a small promotional product to every stressed worker who comes by for a chair massage. Similarly, giving small promotional products to new customers at the end of their first appointment is a good way to encourage them to come back in the future, and a customer rewards program for those who come in on a regular basis is also very effective.

However and wherever you intend to distribute your promotional products, you can count on JH Studios to provide the customization you need. With a good collection of promotional items, you'll never have a potential customer forget the name of your business ever again.