If you're in the hotel or other aspect of the hospitality industry, you know how tricky branding can be. A hotel needs to be familiar enough to be comfortable to any guest, yet still distinctive enough to make an impression that will stick even after they leave. This is an area where promotional items can make a huge impact. By filling your hotel with promotional items that show off your logo, you can ensure that none of your guests will ever forget who hosted their stay.
 What sorts of promotional items work best for hotels? In general, any item a guest would expect or like to see in their room is a good idea. Failing to print your logo on items that you need to provide your guests anyway is a waste of a perfectly good branding opportunity. Toiletries like soap, shower gel or shampoos are a good place to start, and many hotels choose to customize linens like towels or pillow cases as well. Complimentary promotional mints or candies are always a great way to welcome guests, and every room needs a small stack of paper coffee cups and sleeves next to the coffee maker. Other small items like pens and notepads are also easy and inexpensive to imprint with your logo. JH Studios has an extensive collection of over a million promotional items available for you to customize, so if there's a custom item you'd like to see in your hotel rooms, we can probably do it for you.  (continued below)

We can also help you brand other areas of your hotel as well. While guests will pay more attention to their rooms than other areas of the hotel, it's still important to keep your logo present throughout. We have a very thorough collection of custom printed apparel, including many items used for outfitting hotel staff, such as promotional shirts, vests, and hats. We also frequently handle personalized name badges and other employee identifiers.
 No matter what specific supplies you need to run your hotel, you can find fully customized versions of them here. If you're looking to provide a great experience for guests while also strengthening your branding, JHStudios.com is just the website you've been looking for.


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