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Marketing your salon got you pulling your hair out? Would you like to increase the number of customers who return to your salon the next time they need their hair cut or styled? Promotional products can give you just the advantage you've been looking for! There are many marketing strategies available to a hair salon, but why bother with the ones that don't make a strong long term impression? Promotional products will get people thinking about your salon on a regular basis, priming them to come to you the next time they need a hair professional.

Any of our more than a million promotional products will go a long way toward imprinting the name and logo of your salon in customers' minds, but we have a number of hair-related promotional products that can be even more effective at making an impression. Nearly every successful salon uses promotional combs of some kind, with products like brushes and mirrors following in a close second. Promotional shampoos, conditioners, and other similar hair products can also work well in many situations.  (continued below)

Salons use promotional products very differently in different situations, but we have items appropriate for just about any time or place. Some of our promotional brushes, mirrors or other beauty products can be a great way to draw in traffic at beauty expos or trade shows, while our items featuring white flowers or wedding bells are often good choice for stylists exhibiting at bridal expos. Our promotional combs are highly affordable, and many hair salons give a free comb to every customer who has their hair cut. This is one of the most inexpensive types of promotional available to a hair salon, but also one of the most effective, since it makes your salon a part of every customer's haircare routine even when they're at home.

Every exposure to your salon name increases your salon's importance in your customers' minds, and that makes them far, far more likely to choose your salon over any other. With the promotional products you'll find here at, you'll have no shortage of customers eager to return for another appointment.


Hair Salon Personalized Marketing Items