Are you looking for a memorable way to advertise a museum or art gallery? Would you like to see custom souvenirs in your gift shop? JH Studios has everything you need! We have over one million promotional products that you can customize with eye-catching, memorable designs totally unique to your museum or gallery, making it easy to create items any guest, volunteer, or donor will treasure.

Art galleries and museums are one of the best organizations for promotional product marketing, since just about any type of item can appeal to guests if a good design is printed on it. Promotional apparel is very popular at nearly every institution, and T-shirts, sweatshirts, and other clothing items provide the perfect surface for an interesting, colorful design. Key chains, lanyards, snow globes, and other small tokens are also favorites for souvenirs, while custom printed calendars, notepads, and pens also have consistent appeal to museum and gallery guests. Many promotional items are available in the shape of various plants, animals, or other objects, offering additional ways to match your items to a particular theme or exhibit.

There are tons of ways that galleries and museums use promotional products during everyday business, and most of them actually pay for themselves. Gift shops across the entire country are filled with promotional souvenirs that guests gladly pay for in order to have something to remember their trip. Promotional products are also a popular way to reward donors during fundraisers, and you'll find products suited for every donation tier here on our site. Finally, many museums and galleries use promotional items like T-shirts or baseball caps to reward volunteers for their hard work, and we can have a good number of products suitable for that as well.

Galleries and museums have a greater potential for success with promotional products than nearly any other organization. With the incredible selection of products available for you to customize, you should have no trouble keeping your gift shop fully stocked.