Do you have a flower shop or floristry business? Have you been looking for more ways to draw in new customers or drum up more business from existing ones? Well, you're in luck. JH Studios has tons of custom printed products you can use to increase the uniqueness of your floral arrangements, as well as some incredible promotional products you can use make every potential customer aware of how much you have to offer them as a florist.

For a business like a flower shop, the products sold are often one of the easiest and most effective ways to reach new customers. The vast majority of bouquets and floral arrangements are purchased either for an intended recipient other than the buyer or for a display meant to be enjoyed by a large group of people. JH Studios stocks an amazing assortment of small promotional elements like tissue paper, baskets, repeat-pattern ribbon,  or other decorative items that can be customized to show everyone that your creations come from your business, while remaining subtle enough not to detract from the flowers themselves. You can also use our customization options to create custom items based on a particular theme or holiday, such as heart designs for Valentine's Day, trees or candy canes for Christmas, and so on.

In addition to items used in normal, everyday flower shops, we also have plenty for other types of promotion as well. We carry a good amount of flower-shaped and heart-shaped items that can work well for promoting a floristry business, as well as a fair number of items with a mild floral scent, like lavender-scented hand lotion along with other scented hand lotions in gift sets or as single units. Our customers regularly use our products to draw in traffic at expos and trade shows, and we can provide you with everything you need for showing at a bridal expo or other important event.

Convincing customers to get their floral arrangements from you instead of another florist can be a challenge, but it's a challenge that we can definitely help you meet. If you'd like to make a memorable impression on every potential customer you meet, our custom printed promotional products are just the edge you need, like creating a theme based on something like heart-shaped items (picture below).