If there's any business where it's absolutely imperative to stand out from the crowd, it's the entertainment business.  Whether you're running a pub, a bar, a club, an arcade, or another family entertainment venture, you need an effective way to spark the attention of potential customers and make a strong, memorable impression on actual guests.  While there are countless ways to go about it, you won't find anything quicker or more effective than promotional products and besides the possibilities shown on this page, you can use the quick search box or find what you need by defining a specific category with our advanced search feature here.

How can promotional products help to set your business apart?  By continually reminding your customers that they're in your bar, club, or venue and not somewhere else.  Wherever your customers look, they should be seeing your business logo, whether it's imprinted on a coaster, a napkin, or a server uniform.  Our products are highly customizable, so you can not only put the logo of your business on your items, but choose the actual colors of the item as well.  You can easily create a unified theme that no customer will forget.


JH Studios can create custom versions of almost any item used by clubs, bars, and other entertainment businesses, including standard service items like tumblers and drinking glasses, as well as hospitality items like matchbooks and mints.  We carry a plethora of items you can give to customers or potential customers to remind them of your business later, such as promotional refrigerator magnets or custom keychains.  JH Studios is home to a sizable collection of custom printed calendars, so if you'd like to be able to provide customers with a professionally printed upcoming calendar of events for your business, we can easily do it for you.

Surviving in the entertainment industry always a challenge, and any business hoping to do it needs to be on top of their game at all times.  If you'd like to create a memorable environment that customers will want to return to, our promotional products are just the building blocks you need to make your vision a reality.