Are you running a tanning salon or day spa?  Are you looking for more effective ways to attract new guests?  Promotional products are the answer!  Where traditional ads for spas and salons are generally ignored or quickly forgotten by their intended audience, promotional products offer potential customers something useful enough to get them interested in what you have to say.  Recipients will keep your logo imprinted items indefinitely, giving them ample opportunity to become familiar with name of your spa or salon.

What custom items do we carry for spas and tanning salons?  Any of our over one million promotional products can be uniquely customized for any type of business, but our promotional bath and beauty products are a natural fit with businesses in the salon and spa industry.  Many spas and salons have bottles of lotion, or body wash, now often called shower gel along with other quality products imprinted with their businesses logos and then either sell or give them away to customers.  Our travel size products make ideal giveaways for potential or first time customers, while our larger size products like spa sets make great sales items or loyalty rewards.


In addition to our wide selection of bath and beauty products, we also carry a sizable number of other products that can fit with a spa or tanning theme.  Items like logo imprinted stress relievers are perfect for slogans emphasizing the relaxation aspect of going to a spa, while sun-shaped key chains or other items are perfect for drawing in winter customers to a tanning salon.  We have a fantastic range of products available for customization, and with a little creativity, almost any of our items can put potential customers in the right mindset to try out your business.

No matter design you come up with, JH Studios has a promotional item perfect for showing it off.  If you'd like your advertising message to have the best possible chance of convincing potential customers to give your business a shot, our promotional products will provide you with exactly the platform you need to make it possible.