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Perhaps now you have a logo for your business but for some reason that's just not cutting it?  Maybe you need a personality to represent your business!

tiki mascot for pool company

frog mascots

Sushi Bar or Fishing Related Mascots

   What is a mascot you might be asking?  A mascot is a person, animal, or object adopted by a group as a symbolic figure especially to bring them good luck.

   Walt Disney thought of a wonderful mascot that now completely symbolizes, in a nut shell, the Disney universe.  Take, for example, Michelin Tire Co. with their "Michelin Man" and certain insurance companies with their talking geckos, etc.  So as you can see a mascot can be a very valuable addition to a company's image.

   JH Studios specializes in creating mascots that are not only memorable but also compliment existing corporate branding.  Take Pinellas Life's mascot, "Webit", that we designed for them.  They needed a frog mascot for their business.  After determining what type of frog to use, a red eyed tree frog, we utilized the colors of their existing logo to create the cabana boy/beach comber frog that you see above.

     Mascots have proven themselves very valuable in the supermarket food industry.  How many times have you witnessed a child, in a grocery store, choose a cereal box simply because it had a cute frog, bear, rabbit or leprechaun on the cover?

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Take your business image a step further with a unique mascot created by the artisans of!




Digitally Illustrated in Vector or Raster format (10" x 10" 300 dpi)

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Mascot Design Starting at $15,000

 Give your business more 'character'!

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