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   The Business Card is perhaps the most valuable and, unfortunately, the most underrated of all business advertising and self promotional media.  Your business card is your own portable billboard that you are able to take with you everywhere you go.  The problem that the business card has had in it's long history is that people have neglected its design...  Over ninety percent of all business cards in circulation lack proper layout and eye catching graphics thus most business cards resemble everyone else's cards.

   The average life expectancy of a business card can sometimes be just sixty seconds after the handshake that came prior to its delivery.  Reasons for this can sometimes be as simple as:

  •  Most cards are too mundane (raised ink on flat white paper) and lack eye catching quality or simply look too much like any other card.

  • Your business card doesn't convey your message in a way that is redeemable enough to keep.

  • Your cards looks unprofessional (who is going to take someone seriously if they don't even take the time to represent themselves in a prideful way?)
    -- This especially if you printed your own cards out on some perforated sheet.

    JH Studios offers professional full color glossy front & back business cards that give you a wide range of creative possibilities and greatly increases your chances of making that good "first impression".  A good first  impressions is the first building block of winning a client's business.  You seldom get a second chance to make a good first impression!

    Our photo-quality full colored business cards can continue to tell your story long after you've distributed them.  These cards are a beneficial novelty and conversational piece, because most businesses out there are still using crude raised ink on dull paper stock and are only one sided and stain quickly from casual handling.  Those type of cards served their purpose in the over refined era of the 1980's but we are now in a multimedia age where visual presentation is everything.

   Make your business stand out from your competitors.  JH Studios can design and print your full color front & back business cards for you for about the same price you'd pay for plain white, one sided, and one colored business cards.

Pricing if you already have your artwork print ready

BUSINESS CARDS  (2" x 3.5" 12pt Card Stock Full Color front & back)

Price Per Quantity->

Qty: 1000

Qty: 2,500 Qty: 5000  

Business Cards
UV1 UV2 or No Gloss


$599 $699

DESIGN SERVICE AVAILABLE:  Let our team of creative artists design your business cards for you!
Front only: $245, Front & Back: $489!

Pricing if we design your business cards for you


[business card portfolio]

Full color business cards.  UV coated business cards affordable and high quality! Brokers welcome!

Full Color Glossy UV Coated Business Cards

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