Interior design is an extremely competitive field, and potential customers are very picky about who they choose to take on a project. To successfully attract customers, you not only have to make your interior design company stand out from all the other companies available, but also ensure that the methods you use to do it don't detract from the image you project to potential customers. JH Studios has worked to provide countless interior design companies with quality promotional products that reflect their desired image and style, and we can do the same for your company.

Any of the products sold here at JH Studios can be customized with whatever theme you desire, but items that call back to interior design or the home in general are especially effective at getting the message across. Tape measures, drafting rulers, and other small, interesting design tools are good choices, as are decorative items like picture frames or wall clocks. The design and form of promotional products is particularly important for interior designers, as prospective clients will often make assumptions about a designer's style based on the promotional materials they've been exposed to. Whether you have a sleek, modern style, or a more traditional one, the specific items you choose should reflect that. Nearly every type of item we carry has hundreds, if not thousands of models to choose from, so it's simple enough to find a version that fits your company. The design you print on the item will give it an even stronger impact.

Promotional items are perfect for attracted interested visitors at design events and trade shows. Items that reflect your style make a great addition to your display, and they'll help to draw in people who share your design aesthetic. Promotional products can also be used as gifts for customers who use your services or rewards for referring others to your company.

A good promotional item can say far more about your company's sense of style than an ordinary advertisement ever could. No matter what image you're looking to convey, whether with items like client appreciation desk clocks (below) or something else to your liking, you'll find plenty of possibilities here among at JHStudios.com.