Travel Industry and Bus Tours.  Vendor or Convention Exhibitor Identification.  Security Protocols in Factories and Government.  Studio and Backstage Identification.  These are all great reasons to have   custom neck wallets or they can be used as giveaways for customers or different types of employees.  They can even be sold for profit at campgrounds, hiking outposts and tourism kiosks.  They are an excellent way of displaying your company identity.  If you need to look for other personalized neck wallets or other personalized promotional products use the sidebar search.  We have many items to choose from!

Neck Wallets

Premium Double Window Neck Wallet Lanyard
As low as: $1.40

Non-Woven Neck Wallet Badge Holder
As low as: $1.30

Strappy Mobile Device Pocket
As low as: $1.73

Neck Wallet Badge Holder
As low as: $1.74

Cell Phone & ID Holder Wallet w/ Carabiner & Breakaway Safety Lanyard
As low as: $2.27

Neck Wallet w/ Lanyard
As low as: $3.92

Executive Leatherette Neck Wallet Badge Holder
As low as: $6.09

420D Polyester 5 Function Trade Show Badge Holder & Neck Wallet
As low as: $1.39

Trade Show Badge Pouch II
As low as: $2.19

BrandGear™ Vegas Neck Wallet™ Badge Holder
As low as: $2.87

8 Function Tradeshow Bagdeholder, Neck Wallet, and Travel Passport and Boarding Pass Holder
As low as: $2.05

Fleece Scarf w/ Pockets
As low as: $7.24

Nylon Neck Wallet Badge Holder
As low as: $1.39

Full Color Multi Pocket Event Pouches w/Adjustable Lanyard
As low as: $2.27

Popular Convention Neck Wallet with Flap Top and Six Pockets
As low as: $1.80

Neck Wallets

Identification Doesn't Have to be a Pain in the Neck!

Properly identifying the representatives of your business to others is absolutely essential for success at a trade show.  It's important not only to make sure that your representatives have badges declaring who they are and where they're from, but also that they have something else signifying which company they work for-- preferably something that looks nice and is visible even from several feet away.  Promotional wallets are perfectly suited to this situation.

It is possible to send representatives to a trade show with ordinary IDs clipped to their shirts.  However, this doesn't look very good and can seem a bit thrown together.  Logo imprinted neck wallets, on the other hand, show that your representatives put effort into having a professional presentation.  Every representative will have the logo of your company printed on their neck wallets just above the portion containing their IDs, ensuring that everyone who sees them will immediately know which company there representing.  This serves to announce your presence at trade shows to those who aren't necessarily aware of it yet, and to help those who want to find your business at the show to do so easily.

Logo imprinted neck wallets have a few other functions that distinguish them from ordinary ID badges.  Many of them come with notepads in the wallet, giving the wearer an easy way to write down important information when necessary.  Most also have a decent amount of space inside the wallet for storing things like business cards or other small items the wearer might pick up or hand out at the show.

Promotional neck wallets not only help to keep your representatives' hands free as they walk around a trade show, but also make sure that everyone in the area will know exactly what company they are representing.  If your company would like to make the most of your next trade show, promotional neck wallets are a must-have item.


trade show neck wallets  


Leather Neck Wallet

Multi-Pocket Credential Wallets with Black Trim
As low as: $1.94

Real Leather Shur-Lock Slip-In ID Luggage Tags / Name Tags
As low as: $3.18

Real Leather ID Card Badge Holders / Name Tags
As low as: $3.82

Luton RFID Leather Wallet w/Neck Cord
As low as: $7.27

Nylon Multi-Pocket Credential Wallets with Adjustable Strap
As low as: $1.61

Vinyl Multi-Pocket Credential Wallets with Pen Holder
As low as: $1.72

Black Nylon Multi-Pocket Credential Wallet with Neck Cord
As low as: $1.80

Blue Nylon Multi-Pocket Credential Wallet with Neck Cord
As low as: $1.80

Leather Security Passport Wallet
As low as: $45.24

Solid Genuine Lambskin Leather Passport Cover w/ Lanyard
As low as: $11.31

Neck Travel Pouch for Passport & Documents
As low as: $13.92

Luton RFID Leather Wallet w/ Neck Cord
As low as: $7.27

Leather Card Purse
As low as: $4.66

Plonge Leather Airport ID Holder w/ Exterior Zipper Pocket
As low as: $22.48

Buttercalf Leather ID Holder w/ Adjustable Neck Strap
As low as: $13.05

Leather Neck Wallet