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Flying Discs

Printed with Your School Design or Mascot

Discs, Flyers, Frisbees and Saucers Imprinted with School Mascots and Designs


Item Colors:  

Everyone loves to play Frisbee so give them something to play with while you raise funds for your school or university. You could even make them prizes at your school field day or any other event you might be hosting. There are many different styles including plastic, foam, whiz rings of flying discs in many different colors so let us know what you might be looking for and put your school or university's name in the wind.

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Frisbee Flying Disks and Saucers with Custom Printing
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The prices on this page are subject to change without notice. Description and decoration method information is provided by our suppliers. We, at JH Studios, Inc., do our best to keep our product information and pricing up to date, however, should you find an error please let us know by submitting it to our contact form. Please feel free to call and verify current pricing before placing your order. Thank you.

Avoid being lost in the crowd of faces by using your own custom personalized . By way of your logo printed customized with your art and contact information you can get some attention and bring in more people to hear what you have to say or offer, or get more members, donors or clients. As you can see, you can order right here, or if you need further information about this or other marketing products, please don't hesitate to call us 1-877-893-1741. We'd are glad to assist, including giving you information on blank promo items available and pricing for these if that's what you need. Call now! Available in these colors: More Info:

Flying Discs

More Custom Flying Discs:
Flying Discs School

Large Discus
As low as: $0.76

9" Flyer Disc
As low as: $0.81

Small Discus
As low as: $0.51

10" Folding Flying Disc w/Pouch
As low as: $0.62

7" Folding Nylon Disc Fan
As low as: $0.59

8" Megaphone/Popcorn Holder
As low as: $0.85

USA Made 9" Flying Disc
As low as: $0.91

USA Made, Frosted Colored "Frisbee" 9" Flying Disc
As low as: $0.93

USA Made Mini 5" Flying Disc
As low as: $0.55

USA Made, Neon Colored "Frisbee" 9" Flying Disc
As low as: $0.96

9" Flyer Disc with our RealColor360 Imprint
As low as: $1.66

10" Flexible Flyer Disc
As low as: $0.76

Flying Discs School