Doctors, Lab Technicians, Chemists, Veterinarians and other professionals will wear their personalized lab coat with a sense of pride.  Aprons are great for promotions too and you can easily have your logo, or message put on them.  They are a great way of displaying your corporate identity while keeping the person who's wearing them looking professional while serving the lab coat's function.  If after looking at this page you still need to find more items, use our convenient search box feature.



Unisex Short Lab Coat (XS-XL)
As low as: $19.41

META Classic Unisex 40" Lab Coat (White)
As low as: $26.56

Fame® Women's Lab Coat
As low as: $17.17

Meta Twill Lab Coat
As low as: $30.43

Meta Fundamentals Lab Coat
As low as: $19.32

Cherokee Unisex 38 inch Lab Coat
As low as: $28.94

Meta Unisex 40" Labcoat
As low as: $32.77

Fame® Men's Lab coat
As low as: $17.17

Cherokee® 38" Unisex Stretch Twill Lab Coat
As low as: $34.40

META Classic Unisex 40" Lab Coat (Light Blue)
As low as: $30.43

Meta Lab Coat
As low as: $30.43

Cherokee - 40" Unisex Lab Coat - 3 Pockets - with Embroidery
As low as: $15.14

Cherokee - Women's Lab Coat 30" - 3/4 Sleeve With Patch Pockets - with Embroidery
As low as: $16.08

Solid Color Unisex 3/4 Sleeve Smock (S-XL)
As low as: $17.92

Meta Fundamentals Lab Coat
As low as: $19.32


The Benefits of Personalized Doctors Lab Coats

Having a professional appearance is essential to any business.  This applies in any field from banking to plumbing, but nowhere does it apply more than to medicine.  A doctor can have all the medical knowledge in the world, but if they aren't dressed the way most people expect a doctor to be dressed, their patients are unlikely to take their opinions seriously if they're even able to attract patients at all!  Promotional lab coats give patients exactly what they expect to see, giving them more confidence in the doctors wearing them.

In general, people will instinctively think of a man or a woman in a white lab coat as being knowledgeable, and when that basic coat or smock is combined with a stethoscope, as being knowledgeable about medicine.  There's a reason that the actors in any commercial relating to health or medicine will inevitably be wearing this standard uniform.  Most doctors end up wearing lab coats for this reason more than any other.  However, logo imprinted lab coats provide yet another layer of authority, by stating the name of the doctor, their practice, or the institution they belong to.  Personalizing this specific element maintains the power of the uniform while also telling the patient that the doctor isn't just a random person in a white coat, but someone who has qualifications and the backing of the medical establishment.

In many situations, custom lab coats can also help to distinguish doctors from nurses and other healthcare workers, who may otherwise be dressed very similarly.  This can be particularly helpful in institutions such as hospitals, where the staff is far too large for everyone to know each other personally, and both nurses and doctors alike are typically wearing scrubs.  Having doctors wear logo imprinted lab coats over their scrubs instantly identifies them as doctors to both patients and other staff members they may not have met.

Promotional lab coats have one very basic, yet very important function: identifying someone as both medically knowledgeable and as part of a particular practice or institution.  They perform this function so well that you'd be hard-pressed to find a doctor without one.


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