Personalized Staplers




Every desk needs a stapler which makes it an essential desktop office item that could be a potential branding opportunity for your business. Brand exposure is very important when it comes to building trust with a customer or potential customer. We have a dozens of staplers to choose from so if you don't find what you're looking for on this page, please use the search box to the right and search for staplers there for more results.


Stand-Up Translucent Stapler w/Rubberized Grip Handles
As low as: $1.90

Denver Jr. Stand Up Stapler
As low as: $1.90

The Ultimodeskā„¢ III Office Assistant
As low as: $11.02

Stapledome Translucent Mini Stapler
As low as: $1.21

Houston Translucent Ergonomic Stand-up Stapler
As low as: $2.41

JR. Stand-Up Stapler
As low as: $2.22

Space Saving Magnetic Stapler
As low as: $2.16

Desktop Stand-up Stapler
As low as: $3.53

As low as: $1.55

Stapleless Stapler
As low as: $1.96

Phone Holder & Radio with Calendar & Torch
As low as: $6.52

Mini Transparent Stapler
As low as: $1.37

As low as: $0.59

Stapleless Stapler
As low as: $1.23

Stand-Up Stapler
As low as: $2.90



The major benefit of most promotional products is that the person who receives them will be reminded of the business every time they use it. However, the best promotional products are ones that are not only used often, but that will also be seen even in those moments when they aren't being used. Promotional staplers are the best example of this principle, and it's very easy to ensure that they'll be sitting on the recipient's desk even when not in use.

The reason this works so well is simple: most staplers are boring. Most people do have staplers, but they're usually very basic, very bulky, and not in a very interesting color. If you give most people a vibrant logo imprinted stapler, there's usually no contest when it comes to which one the person would rather have on their desk.

Personalized staplers really help your logo stand out, on the desktop, where your customers make most of their buying decisions. There are mini-staplers that are compact and highly portable. There are standing staplers that both take up less space on the desk and have a much more comfortable grip in comparison to ordinary staplers. There are even staplers that have other types of office supplies built in, like letter openers. Any of these options is more useful than the standard staplers most people have, which is very important when it comes to any type of promotional product.

These staplers are also good to use within a company as well. All of the practical and space-saving benefits apply just as strongly with employees as they do for customers, and giving them to employees can be great for morale.

Nearly everyone will prefer well-designed, attractive personalized staplers to dull, ordinary ones. They're great for both customers and employees, and they're sure to be used and seen often by anyone who has one.


Promotional Staplers