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Businesses, schools, universities, condos and other places that need to enforce parking benefit from the use of adhesive parking permits and parking hang tags to show who should and should not be in their private parking area. We have many shapes sizes, colors and styles available. If you don't find the permits you're looking for on this page, please use the search feature on the right to see more options.

Parking Tag

Tag Along Collapsible Silicone Dog Bowl
As low as: $0.93

Digital Printing Hanger & Tags
As low as: $0.22

Hang Tags (2 3/4"x5")
As low as: $1.11

Hang Tags 3 5/8"x8")
As low as: $2.64

Plastic Hang Tag / Parking Permit- 3"x4.5" - UV Coated (1S)
As low as: $0.18

Large Rear View Mirror Hanger (3 1/2"x9 1/4")
As low as: $0.53

Door Hanger Paper Card
As low as: $0.26

Adjustable Polyester Screen Printed Dog Collar
As low as: $1.12

Gadget GLOV Water-Resistant Phone Protector
As low as: $1.76

Rear View Mirror Parking Tag (2.5" x 3.5")
As low as: $0.28

Standard Hang Tag Parking Permit (.020" Deluxe Plastic 4-Color Process)
As low as: $0.33

V-T™ Custom Spot Color Parking Permits (2 1/2"x3")
As low as: $0.21

Paper Hang Tag 3-1/2 x 3
As low as: $0.16

Standard Hang Tag (2.75"x4.75")
As low as: $0.66

Paper Hang Tag 4-1/2 x 3
As low as: $0.17

Parking Tag


There are few places in the world with adequate parking for everyone who needs it. The fact is, those with parking lots need the ability to limit who parks on their property to those people who are supposed to be there. Custom printed parking permits are a simple and efficient way of making sure that only those who are supposed to be parking in a given area are allowed to do so.

There are any number of different organizations that need to limit who parks in their parking lots. Business parking needs to be limited to those associated with the business itself, and anyone who's ever experienced university campus parking knows exactly how many free spots there are to spare in your average college parking lot. Custom printed parking hang tags are the perfect way to identify which cars belong in the parking lot and which don't. These hang tags can be handed out to employees who have a right to park in the parking lot, and in the case of universities, to those students who are allowed the same privilege. This is an especially good method to use for large parking lots, where assigning specific spaces to people may be impractical, and simply having a way to identify who is allowed to park and who is not may be much less hassle.

There are also many private parking situations in which custom printed parking hangers can be very useful as well. Large buildings often have some form of condo association parking rules to ensure everyone who owns the unit in the building is using the space or spaces that they're entitled to, and no more. Many custom printed parking permits have consecutive numbering available as an option, which can make it easy to match up particular units to particular parking tags for those who feel the need.

Custom printed parking permits offer an efficient way to control any parking situation. Any organization looking to keep unwanted cars out of its parking lot should give custom printed parking permits or hang tags a try.

College Campus Parking Permits

Parking tags 



Parking Permits

Vertical Rectangle Clear Inside Parking Permit Decal (2"x3")
As low as: $0.17

Parking Permit-Clear Polyester/ Face Adhesive (3"x2")
As low as: $0.15

White Reflective Parking Permit (3"x3")
As low as: $0.44

V-T™ Clear Static Cling Square Cut Parking Sticker (3"x2")
As low as: $0.18

Die Cut Consecutive Numbered Labels
As low as: $0.11

Rectangle UV Coated White Vinyl Parking Permit Sticker
As low as: $0.14

Durable Weatherproof Rectangle Permanent Identification Labels on Roll (2"x3 1/2")
As low as: $0.13

Rectangle Parking Permit (2.75x4.75")
As low as: $0.66

Rectangle Parking Permit (3.5"x6")
As low as: $1.06

Curved Rectangle Clear Inside Parking Permit Decal (1 1/2"x2")
As low as: $0.17

Curved Rectangle Vinyl Outside Parking Permit Decal (1 1/2"x2")
As low as: $0.14

Mini Rear View Mirror Decal-White Vinyl (1 3/4"x1 3/4")
As low as: $0.27

Parking Permit-Static Stick/ Face Application (3"x2")
As low as: $0.16

V-T™ Clear Polyester Square Cut Parking Sticker (3"x2")
As low as: $0.17

V-T™ Clear Polyester Square Cut Parking Sticker (3"x3")
As low as: $0.17

Parking Permits

Parking Spaces are a premium. If you have assigned parking, or reserved parking then most likely you will have some form of parking permit. We have hang tags, window clings, and sticker parking permits which can be numbered in sequence. They can be imprinted with your logo or design. Perfect for businesses, colleges, schools, apartments, hotels, parking garages, and condominiums.