Promotional Letter Openers




Useful personalized office desktop tools are a great way to keep your name, logo and contact information within reach of your customers and potential customers. Every desktop needs a letter opener and because of that reason you should have your logo imprinted on that letter opener. We have many letter openers to choose from. If you don't see the letter opener you're looking for here, please use the search box to the right to search for more. Please keep in mind that the letter openers you see below may be available in an array of colors.

Plastic Letter Openers

Oval Letter Opener
As low as: $0.58

Business Card Zippy Letter Opener (Blank)
As low as: $1.29

Good Value® 3-In-1 Letter Opener
As low as: $0.62

Jumbo Size Rectangle Letter Opener
As low as: $0.41

Business Card Zippy Letter Opener (Imprinted)
As low as: $1.41

Value Letter Slitter
As low as: $0.56

Letter Opener w/ Staple Remover (Spot Color)
As low as: $0.81

Quick Slit Letter Opener
As low as: $0.42

Jiffi Slitter
As low as: $0.51

BizCard® Letter Opener w /Business Card Slot
As low as: $1.36

Stock Shape Lapel Pin - Full Color - Glossy Finish
As low as: $2.41

Computer Brush Letter Opener
As low as: $0.86

House Shape Slitter
As low as: $0.48

House Letter Slitter Opener
As low as: $0.56

Zippy® Letter Opener with Large Imprint Area
As low as: $0.94

Plastic Letter Openers


We may live in a modern, email-based world, but in many ways snail mail communication is more popular than ever. Bills, forms, and other important documents are still often sent through the mail, and both businesses and ordinary people spend some amount of time each day opening them. As such, promotional letter openers are a still highly useful as marketing products, and should never be overlooked.

Logo imprinted letter openers fall into a very good balance when it comes to promotional products. Like most other types of promotional items, letter openers perform an extremely useful function opening mail quickly and neatly that make the recipient likely to use them. However, unlike most other types of office supplies, many people who could use a letter opener don't have one already. It's an item that most people will use and appreciate if they have on hand, but that they wouldn't necessarily bother to go out and buy for themselves. This is the best possible combination of qualities when it comes to a gift, and makes letter openers more likely to be kept and used by those who receive them.

This is especially true when it comes to promotional letter openers, which are can be both more practical and more visually interesting than the ordinary letter openers found in office supply stores. In addition to having the logo of your company printed on them, custom plastic letter openers can be purchased in far more colors than the usual black or gray. They can take form of rectangles, ovals, or other shapes, and some of them are even combined with other useful functions, like staple removers. There are also high quality metal letter openers available, for those looking for more personalized gifts.

Promotional letter openers are a perfect combination of useful but not overly common. If you're looking for a promotional item that has a consistent, everyday use, but that still stands out, they're a very good choice.

personalized letter openers  


Chrome Letter Openers

Tudor Letter Opener
As low as: $2.41

High Flyer Chrome Desktop Paperweight/Letter Opener
As low as: $15.48

Balalaika Letter Opener
As low as: $2.33

Brushed Zinc Letter-Opener
As low as: $3.66

Monaco Letter Opener
As low as: $3.40

Valencia Letter Opener
As low as: $3.69

Wooden Letter Opener
As low as: $2.67

Solid Brass Letter Opener w/ Chrome Trim
As low as: $3.01

Achilles Letter Opener
As low as: $3.10

Classic Design Letter Opener
As low as: $2.42

Danish-II Letter Opener
As low as: $3.10

Terrific Timber-3 Letter Opener
As low as: $2.67

Terrific Timber-1C Letter Opener
As low as: $2.67

Windsor-I Letter Opener
As low as: $2.84

Chrome Plated Letter Opener (screened)
As low as: $10.50

Chrome Letter Openers