Landscaping Design Businesses.  Plant Nurseries.  Art Studios.  Schools.  Personalized Gift Giving.  Companywide Employee Appreciation.  Promotional seed packs are great for all of these and are a great year round logo personalized item for all ages.  They can be given away at tradeshows, car shows, fashion shows and more.  You pick the place and the style and  message you want to show. They are an excellent way of displaying your corporate identity while keeping the eyes of the person who's wearing them shielded from the blinding sun.  Can't find what you're looking for on this page? Use the search feature to the right, or at the top of this page to find more-- We have thousands to choose from!

Seed Packs

GrowPot Eco-Planter Herb 3-Pack
As low as: $4.05

Microgreens Desktop Grow Kit
As low as: $9.94

Small Seed Packet
As low as: $0.49

Sprout Pencil
As low as: $2.11

Seed Paper Postcard
As low as: $1.01

Pollinator Seed Packet
As low as: $0.61

Garden Tool Pack
As low as: $10.10

2 Pack Promo Planter w/Seeds (Full Color Digital)
As low as: $4.65

Single-Sided Plantable Pencil Sleeve
As low as: $0.72

Seed Paper Inkjet Yarmulke
As low as: $1.83

Medium Seed Paper Product Tag
As low as: $0.57

Mini Planting Kit Value
As low as: $1.88

Seed Paper Pencil Sleeve
As low as: $0.79

Medium Seed Paper Postcard
As low as: $1.18

Small Seed Paper Shape Bookmark
As low as: $0.49

Seed Packs

How Custom Printed Seed Packs Can Help Your Sales Blossom

Most people don't have any problem receiving promotional items.  Even if it's not something they'll use, they generally appreciate the gift.  However, things can get a little trickier with people who are concerned about the environment.  For them, finding a promotional item that isn't wasteful and doesn't harm the environment needs to be the main priority, and if you can find an item that actively helps the environment, so much the better.  Promotional seed packs definitely have this quality, and any business or organization with a base that cares about nature or the environment can increase their profile by using them.

There's as much variety in logo imprinted seed packs as there is in plants in general.  The types of plants it's possible to get typically fall into one of three categories.  The first is flowers.  Flowers are a staple of traditional gardening, and most people who garden do like to have at least one type of flowers in their garden, making them a good bet for any business whose customers are already interested in gardening.

The next category consists of various types of herb seed packets.  You can find seed packs for rosemary, basil, dill, or any number of other different herbs that most people use in their everyday cooking.  Logo imprinted seed packets with herb seeds can be a great choice for people who sell at farmers' markets, where there are guaranteed to be people receptive to the idea of growing their own herbs to go with the food they buy at the market.

Finally, vegetable seed packets are also very popular with businesses and organizations serving people who care about the environment.  Tomatoes, pumpkins, and many other kinds of vegetables can easily be grown from seeds, and many people do enjoy growing them.  Any business whose customers care about sustainability can distribute these to their customers to show that they share this value.

Flowers, herbs, and vegetables are all things that nature lovers appreciate, and promotional seed packs can go a long way with these people.  If your business would like to appeal to those who are interested in gardening or growing their own food, giving them seed packets would be a great start.


custom seed packs  



Seed Paper Shape Mini Card
As low as: $0.54

Earth Day Mini-Gift Pack
As low as: $0.61

Mini Value Shape/Dollar Sign
As low as: $0.69

Christmas Shape Pack
As low as: $1.60

Mini Value Shape/Wildflower House (2.25"x1.5")
As low as: $0.69

Earth Ornament Gift Tag
As low as: $1.14

Letterpress Ornament Gift Tag
As low as: $1.14

Printed Ornament Shape Pack - Holiday
As low as: $0.88

Small Seed Paper Holiday Design Ornament
As low as: $0.91

Breast Cancer Awareness Mini Gift Pack
As low as: $0.61

Breast Cancer Awareness Mini Gift Pack
As low as: $0.61

Stay Safe Seed Paper Shape Mini Gift Pack
As low as: $0.61

Mini Seed Paper Save the Monarch Shape Gift Pack
As low as: $0.61

Large Value Bus Seed - Wildflowers (2.75" x 2.75")
As low as: $0.69

Mini Value Shape/Red Mini Ribbon (2.25"x1.5")
As low as: $0.59