Collapsible Flying Discs




Regardless of your Industry or Business Sector, whether a Youth or Action-Oriented Business or an Organization like a School or Gym, these are great promotional tools.  Even Dentist or Doctor's Offices and so many others could use any one of these colorful Collapsible Flying Discs to promote and market a cause or business.  Collapsible Flying Discs are fun and a great product to spread your message to waiting customers or use for an employee giveaway too!   You can put your logo and other information on them.  They are a great way of displaying your corporate identity or message.  Needing help finding what you're looking for?  Use the search feature to the right to find more promotional items-- We have so many to choose from!

Collapsible Disc

Deluxe Picnic In The Park Kit
As low as: $24.85

7" Folding Nylon Disc Fan
As low as: $0.67

"Fly Away" Collapsible Flyer w/Pouch
As low as: $0.71

Pop Up Foldable Frisbee fan
As low as: $0.43

9 3/4" Nylon Flying Disc w/ Pouch
As low as: $0.60

Color Folding Flying Disc Hand Fan With Handle
As low as: $0.42

11' UnipoleĀ® Kit (Digital Print 4 Color Process)
As low as: $56.64

Fold Up Handle Fan
As low as: $0.54

Collapsible Pet Feeding Bowl with Carabiner
As low as: $0.95

10" Nylon Flyer w/ Black Trim
As low as: $0.77

Joey Chair
As low as: $83.42

Disc Target Shot Game
As low as: $13.98

metal Collapsible Divot Tool w/ Dome or Die Struck removable Ball Marker
As low as: $12.90

Flying Disc
As low as: $0.80

10" Foldable Flying Disk
As low as: $0.31

Collapsible Disc

Promotional Flying Discs Make Marketing Fun

With people ever more intent on being active, sports and other outdoor activities are becoming more and more popular.  In addition to increasing the general health level of our country, this is also making promotional items related to outdoor activities continually more useful and effective.  Promotional collapsible discs in particular give customers a fun outdoor activity to participate in, while also giving the company distributing them a number of useful promotional options.

Logo imprinted collapsible flying discs are essentially like other flying discs, but instead of being made out of hard plastic, they're made out of a lightweight and flexible fabric that allows the disc to be folded up when not in use.  The recipient can easily carry the disc around in their pocket when they're done using it, making it more likely that they'll bring it along when heading for the outdoors.  The compact nature of collapsible discs also makes things easier for the businesses that use them.  A huge amount of these discs can be folded up and stored in a single box, making them very convenient to bring to things like trade shows and events on college campuses.  It also makes it possible to send the disc in its collapsed form in an ordinary envelope through the mail.  This is one advantage not shared by any other sports item, and one shared by very few ordinary promotional items.

The discs themselves can come in the form of either a circle or a ring.  The discs that take a circle form have the logo in the middle of the circle, while those in ring form have the logo printed around the edge. Both types of collapsible discs have a good number of colors to choose from, and they both come in a range of sizes.  Some may also have a logo imprinted pouch for storing the disc in its collapsed form, making it even easier to transport and sent through the mail.

Promotional collapsible flying discs are a fun, active promotional item that can be folded down into a very compact size. They give tons of promotional possibilities to any company that uses them.


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