Let the Celebrations begin!   Whether it's an anniversary, birthday or some other event where making a loud noise is expected, your partygoers, friends and customers will certainly appreciate having customized party favors made just for the occasion.  Or they can be used at tradeshows, or as giveaways at themed restaurants or businesses like rodeos, sports stadiums and others where noise is the norm.  They are a great way of displaying your corporate branded identity.   And if you need to look further than this for what you want,  we have thousands of logo printable promotional items to choose from!  Just use the search feature to the right to find more!


Classic Cowbell
As low as: $0.80

Bambams Inflatable Noise Makers (Pair - Priority)
As low as: $0.62

Tall Cowbell
As low as: $1.66

Fan-ta-Sticks Noisemakers
As low as: $1.32

Hand Clackers
As low as: $0.80

Single Color Party Kazoos
As low as: $0.48

Maracas Musical Instruments
As low as: $1.03

Stock BamBams Inflatable Noisemakers - Blank (Pair)
As low as: $0.31

7" Hand Clapper - Blue & White
As low as: $0.72

5" Two Tone Maraca Party Noise Maker
As low as: $0.78

The Big Hand 15" Klapper
As low as: $2.57

Cowbell Party Noise Maker
As low as: $0.84

3 1/2" Metal Football Cowbell
As low as: $2.04

PomBams Inflatable Noisemakers (Priority - Pair)
As low as: $1.82

Light-Up Inflatable Noise Makers - Pairs (Priority)
As low as: $1.69


Promotional Noisemakers for Sporting Events & Celebration!

If there's one thing you can be sure people want at their celebrations, it's noise. No celebration happens without some kind of music, and clapping, whistling, and other types of noise are also sure to be present when people are enjoying themselves. In many cases, people even like to use noisemakers to increase the amount of noise they can make. Promotional noisemakers give these people exactly what they want, while also attracting attention to the logo of the business on the noisemaker in the process.

Logo imprinted noisemakers are already widely used in many situations. It's impossible to attend any kind of professional or college sports games without seeing megaphones, whistles, and other items imprinted with the logo of the teams playing the game. Sports fans love to make noise to show their support for their team, and to celebrate when they win. However, noisemakers need not be limited to professional sports teams. Ordinary schools can use them as well, and companies can easily print their logos on noisemakers for use at sports games.

The other situation where noisemakers are most appropriate is at parties New Year's Eve parties in particular. People have a ton of fun using clappers, kazoos, or maracas to bring in the New Year. Companies that sponsor New Year's or other parties can use noisemakers to ensure that their company name is seen and remembered. Noisemakers by their very nature attract attention to themselves, thereby drawing a great deal of attention to the logo on the noisemaker as it's used. People are very unlikely to forget the name of the company that handed out noisemakers at the event, especially if they take it home as a souvenir or memory of the event itself. In the case of a New Year's party, convincing people to do this can be as simple as printing the number of the year being celebrated on the noisemaker along with the logo of the company.

There are few things people enjoy more than making noise as they celebrate. With the use of promotional noisemakers, your company can easily make itself a key part of someone's next important celebration.


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