Company Picnic IdeasPromotional products can be a great way to brand your business. Products or prizes for corporate gatherings or company picnics can help create moral and unity. Here are a few categories that you might find helpful. Of course, you can also use our search box. We offer over 966,000 logo imprintable items. If you don't find what you're looking for, please call us. We'd love to help!  You can also use the search box to the right to find thousands of other related products!
Company Picnic Promotional Prizes:


As low as: $0.48

Budget Balm
As low as: $0.39

Malibu Sunglasses
As low as: $1.51

EOS™ Lip Balm
As low as: $2.79

Price Buster Cap
As low as: $3.01

20 oz. Urban Peak® Vacuum Tumbler
As low as: $11.18

Two-Tone Matte Sunglasses
As low as: $0.83

Large Discus
As low as: $0.77

Daytona Sunglasses
As low as: $1.12

Moisture SPF 15 Lip Balm with Custom Label
As low as: $0.52

Reuse-it™ Stainless Steel Straw Kit
As low as: $1.85

Classic Washed Cap
As low as: $7.08

Lip Balm And Sunstick
As low as: $0.94

20 oz. Urban Peak® Trail Tumbler
As low as: $12.90

9 Inch Flyers
As low as: $0.74


Marketing Your Business Even at Your Company Picnic

Summer is finally here, which means that not only is it time to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather, but for many of you, it is also time for the annual company picnic. There are few better ways to reward your valued employees for a job well done throughout the year than by giving them the opportunity to let their hair down and have a little fun in the sun with their coworkers. It is also a great way to get you companys brand out there to customers and potential customers, as well as to employees and their families who are a fabulous resource when it comes to spreading the word.

Just think of all the things you can brand with your company logo: picnic baskets, Frisbees, umbrellas, can coolies, flip flops, portable grills, and moist towelettes, just to name a few. You could give each employee a goody bag filled with some of these items, or give them out as prizes for the many varieties of games that are always a highlight of a fun-filled picnic. Classic picnic games include spoon races, potato sack races, and competitive games of softball or volleyball. Your employees will have a blast while developing a spirit of camaraderie that is so vital to fostering a healthy workplace environment.

For the workers who are a little less active, a few rousing games of bingo can get them in the spirit, and it is also another great opportunity to get your brand in front of them. Just put your logo on items like backpacks, fly swatters, outdoor game kits, kites, caps and visors, temporary tattoos for kids, mosquito repellent spray bottles, hand sanitizer bottles, SPF lip balm, weather resistant cell phone covers and accessories, coolers and cooler bags, beach balls, sports bottles, sunscreen lotion, and t-shirts. Any one of these would make a fantastic bingo prize.

Lets face it: its a competitive world out there, and the more ways you can get your brand out in front of more people, the better opportunity you will have to make sales. Youll also be building tons of good will with your employees, as well as thanking your customers for their business. With a tight economy and even tighter company budgets, a little creative marketing can go a long way. So make your company picnic a fun, morale-boosting event that will also help you grow your business.


Corporate Picnic Giveaways
promotional frisbees flyer disc
personalized flip flops

Personalized Barbecue & Grilling Kits:

Grill Sets

Grill Master BBQ Set
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Jabba Bluetooth Speaker
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The Sportula Grilling Spatula
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BBQ Set In Aluminum Case
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Grill Master Companion 3pc BBQ Tool Set
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Mesa Portable BBQ Set
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Grill Master 3pc BBQ Set
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Cayuco Digital BBQ Thermometer Fork
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3 Piece BBQ Set
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BBQ Now Apron and 7 piece BBQ Set
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BBQ Set In Bamboo Case
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Basecamp® 6-piece BBQ Grill Set
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Grill Master Set
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Urban Edge by Canyon Branson BBQ Tool Set
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Grill Sets