Breast cancer awareness promotional products


Breast Cancer Awareness
Promotional Products and Fundraiser Items

We carry a unique and extensive line of breast cancer awareness and pink ribbon products! Many of these promotional products will help provide a way to show that your business, school or organization promotes the awareness of breast cancer!  Many can be custom imprinted with your logo or design.   So show your support for breast cancer awareness all year round, with these pink products! 

Breast Cancer Awareness Pink

Kolder Kaddy Neoprene
As low as: $0.86

Neoprene Wrist Strap Key Holder
As low as: $0.64

Jotter Pen
As low as: $0.74

Team Flannel Pant
As low as: $9.42

Kolder Kaddy 4CP Neoprene
As low as: $1.45

Liam Neoprene Can Insulator
As low as: $1.41

Continued Dollface Pouch (Natural Canvas)
As low as: $2.27

Kolder Kaddy Suede-ish Neoprene
As low as: $1.08

Bottle Suit
As low as: $2.29

Eco Water Saverâ„¢ Shower Timer
As low as: $2.82

Stock Awareness Ribbon Sewn w/Tape
As low as: $0.34

Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Color Ballpoint Click Pen
As low as: $0.38

Kolder Kaddy Metallic Neoprene
As low as: $1.08

Kolder Kaddy Heathered Jersey Knit Neoprene
As low as: $1.08

Continued Tweedle Dum (Natural Canvas)
As low as: $2.58

Breast Cancer Awareness Pink

Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness Promotional Products

How to Promote Your Business while Supporting
Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast cancer is an important issue all year round, but it becomes especially important during October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  During this month, people from all walks of life come together to support women with breast cancer by spreading information about the disease and raising money to help those affected by it.  However, supporting breast cancer awareness isn't something limited to just individuals.  There are tons of opportunities for businesses to show their support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and get their names out into the community in the process.

The simplest and most effective way for a business to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month is to get involved in one of the many fundraising activities already taking place.  There are tons of breast cancer awareness fundraisers and walkathons that take place during October, and the organizers of these events are always thrilled to have the support of local businesses.  They are also typically willing to give marketing opportunities during the event to business that do contribute—such as having the name or logo on signs and programs on giveways like promotional items.

While contributing breast cancer awareness fundraisers and walkathons is good in and of itself, the marketing effect is even stronger with the use of promotional items.  Your business may already use promotional items such as pens, key chains, or tote bags, and you've undoubtedly seen all sorts of pink ribbon items used to promote breast cancer awareness, but you may not be aware that it's possible to get breast cancer promotional products specific to your business.  You can buy sports bottles, hats, luggage tags, pens, Koozies, lip balm, wristbands and any number of other items with both the pink ribbon and the name of your business on them, and then hand them out at an event like a walkathon to show your support.  By doing this, those who receive the item will think of the connection between your business and the support of a worthy cause every time they see or use the item you gave them.

However your business decides to show its support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the effect will be good for all involved.  Those who already know about your business will see that you care about the community, and those who have never heard of your business before will learn about it in a positive and meaningful context.


Pink Ribbons

Tucson Medium Ivory Journal
As low as: $8.59

Tucson Medium Journal w/Pen and Loop
As low as: $9.03

Lione Large Ivory Journal
As low as: $12.71

Tucson Medium Journal w/Pen Loop
As low as: $7.87

NEW! Soft Viennaâ„¢ Journal (5"x7")
As low as: $4.29

Tucson Medium Journal w/ Pen, Loop and Gift Box
As low as: $11.51

Horizontal Stock Title Ribbon with two-sided tape (1 5/8" x 4")
As low as: $0.37

Stock Shape Lapel Pin - Full Color - Glossy Finish
As low as: $2.41

1-5/8"x4" Custom Lapel Ribbon
As low as: $0.31

Custom Printed Horizontal Tape Top Ribbon (4"x1 5/8")
As low as: $0.26

2020 Appeel® Medio Notes/Weekly Planner
As low as: $9.34

Circle Poly Lapel Pin (1.25"x1.25" )
As low as: $0.95

2"x4" Premium Grade Ribbon
As low as: $0.15

NEW! Soft Viennaâ„¢ Journal w/ Tip-In (5"x7")
As low as: $5.83

Tucson Ivory Hybrid Medium Journal
As low as: $10.06

Pink Ribbons