For many people, bringing lunch to work is a deeply ingrained habit and it's even a tradition on many jobs like in the construction industry.  Teachers often don't have time to leave the school and then there are others who choose to have a working lunch.  Then there are those who want to eat healthier and avoid fast food.  Personalized lunch bags are perfect for so many!  With your logo or message on the customized bags, you're sure to win customers and influence buying decisions.  If you need to look for other bags or can't find what you're looking for on this page, use the handy search feature to the right to find more-- We have thousands to choose from!

Lunch Bag

6 Ply Disposable Face Masks - PRINTED - 2 to 3 DAY PRODUCTION - USA MADE
As low as: $0.78

Heathered Non-Woven Cooler Lunch Bag
As low as: $1.80

Bellevue Insulated Lunch Tote
As low as: $4.43

Thrifty Non-Woven Lunch Cooler Bag
As low as: $3.01

RTIC Day Cooler
As low as: $27.65

Flip Flap Cooler Bag
As low as: $11.18

Dimples Non-Woven Cooler Tote Bag
As low as: $3.18

Rambler Lunch, Cooler or Toiletry Bag
As low as: $13.42

Onboarding Kit
As low as: $18.06

Balboa 20-Can Cooler
As low as: $13.76

Greystone Square Cooler Bag
As low as: $4.03

Roll-It™ Lunch Bag
As low as: $5.61

Adelene PEVA Lined Backpack Cooler
As low as: $14.19

Therm-O-Snack™ Tote Bag (Screen Print)
As low as: $2.54

Remington Cooler Backpack Chair
As low as: $30.10

Lunch Bag

Personalized Lunch Bags for Company or Fun Handouts

These days, more and more adults and children are bringing their own lunches to work and school instead of eating out or buying food from the cafeteria. Lunches packed at home can be made far healthier than the standard fare found in a fast food restaurant or cafeteria, and the money saved on food can go a long way. Obviously, those who bring their lunches do need something to carry them in, making promotional lunch bags a perfect promotional opportunity for businesses.

Logo imprinted lunch bags come in a few different shapes and sizes, but the majority resemble the classic lunch bag with triangular sides and a single handle and fold at the top. Different lunch bags are made in different colors and in different materials, while some of them have strong insulation built into the bag to keep food cold. Some lunch bags also include a mesh bottle holder on the side of the bag to make transporting beverages easier. All logo imprinted lunch bags have the advantage of a large printing space for the logo on each side of the bag, guaranteeing that it will be seen.

Those who bring their lunches typically do it nearly every day of the week. While some do put their lunch bags in other bags while transporting them, many carry them personally when going between home and work or school. In these cases, even more people will be exposed to the logo printed on the side of the bag. And however the person chooses to bring their lunch bag with them, once lunch time comes around everyone in the area will see the bag when they take it out to eat their meal.

Promotional lunch bags blend the benefits of both food-related promotional items and promotional bags. Many who receive them will end up using them on a regular basis, and they'll be advertising your business every time they do.


customized lunch bags  


Paper Lunch Bag

Onboarding Kit
As low as: $18.06

6 Ply Face Masks - Small - PRINTED - Paper Napkin Conversion
As low as: $0.76

Kraft Die Cut Handle Bags
As low as: $0.32

Kraft Paper Retro Luncher
As low as: $1.77

Corporate Onboarding Kit
As low as: $28.34

White Kraft Paper SOS Grocery Bag (Size 6 Lb.) - Flexo Ink
As low as: $0.33

Signature Insulated Lunch Bag
As low as: $6.01

Woven Paper Lunch Bag
As low as: $2.06

Natural Kraft Paper SOS Grocery Bag (Size 10 Lb.) - Flexo Ink
As low as: $0.33

eGreen Lunch Bag w/Bottle Pocket
As low as: $2.49

SOS #6 Natural Bag (6"x3.625"x11")
As low as: $0.32

Natural Kraft Paper SOS Grocery Bag (Size 6 Lb.) - Flexo Ink
As low as: $0.30

Laminated Non-Woven Brown Baggin' It Lunch Bag
As low as: $3.25

SOS #4 White Bag (5"x3.125"x9.75")
As low as: $0.26

2-Ply Custom Paper Napkin-Ivory
As low as: $0.03

Paper Lunch Bag