You had me at fresh breath -that's what your customers will be saying to you with any of these mint treats.   Nearly everyone likes mints!  These are a great giveaway for all kinds of business from Real Estate and Insurance Salespersons to Local Mom-and-Pop Business to Large Corporations and Delivery Vendors.  You can put your logo, or message on the various packaging  can be used at so many events and different venues.  They are definitely a positive direction to go when getting out your corporate identity or message to your customers.   If you are wanting to find something to go along with your mints you can utilize the search feature to the right to find more promotional items.  We have many thousands to choose from!

Promotional Mints

Budget Balm
As low as: $0.39

Value SPF 15 Broad Spectrum Lip Balm
As low as: $0.48

EOS™ Lip Balm
As low as: $2.79

Individually Wrapped Mints
As low as: $0.06

Buttermints Cool Creamy Mint - White - Custom Wrapper
As low as: $52.12

Budget Lip Balm Usa Made
As low as: $0.54

Soft Pastel Buttermints - Custom Wrapper
As low as: $52.12

12 Oz. Matte/ Gloss Ceramic Ringo Mug
As low as: $6.02

Rectangular Flip-Top Mints and Toothpicks
As low as: $1.04

2 Quart Matte/ Gloss Ceramic Popcorn Bowl
As low as: $16.34

Stock Color Hinged Mint Tin
As low as: $1.20

Red Peppermint Starlites - Custom Wrapper
As low as: $52.12

Sugar Free Peppermints in Credit Card Size Case
As low as: $1.34

20 Oz. Big "C" Handle Mug
As low as: $6.45

14 Oz. Matte/ Gloss Camp Mug
As low as: $6.02

Promotional Mints

Custom Promotional Logo Mints to Freshen Up Prospects

Edible gifts are extremely popular among both businesses and ordinary people alike. After all, there are few people who wouldn't welcome a bit of candy now and then.  Promotional mints are an affordable way to give small gifts to large numbers of customers and generate goodwill for your business.

There are two main kinds of promotional mints to choose from, each of which is appropriate for different situations.  The first is logo imprinted tins containing large numbers of miniature mints. The tins come in many different shapes, including both round and rectangular versions.  They also come in different sizes, but any size tin will last for a number of uses.  Because of this, they're good for giving to customers you would like to see the logo repeatedly.  They're appropriate for just about any business, and customers who receive them will enjoy them.

The other type of logo imprinted mints is the individually wrapped kind.  This category includes candies like peppermints or mint flavored Lifesavers.  In this case, the logo of the business is printed on the wrapper of each individual mint instead of on a tin.  This sort of mint is great for keeping in a large candy bowl, either alone or with other types of candy.  Businesses dealing with a large volume of repeat customers often do this, and it's not uncommon to see a large bowl of promotional mints sitting on a reception desk or near the cashier at a restaurant for just this reason.  Customers may eat the mint right then and there or save it for later.  Either way, having the mints available to customers will certainly give a strong impression of hospitality on the part of your business.  Having the logo of your business printed on the wrappers will emphasize this even further.

Whether your business chooses to use tins of promotional mints or individually wrapped ones, the overall message is the same.  They're the perfect way to tell your customers that they're welcome in your place of business.


promotional logo mints