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Everyone from truck drivers and other mobile workers to executives and various other office personnel will heighten their professional appearance with a personalized clipboard.  Clipboards make fine promotional products too.  You can brand it with not just your logo, but put your unique message on them.  They can be used as a customer giveaway, or as a part of your company's personalized corporate culture while providing a practical working tool.  Still cannot find what you're looking for here?  Use the search feature to the right to find more-- We have so many to choose from!


Letter Clipboard
As low as: $3.01

"Dwight" Letter Size Clipboard w/Imprintable Clip
As low as: $3.44

Brockman Set
As low as: $25.80

Full Color Printed Letter Size Clipboard
As low as: $2.00

Memo Size Clipboards w/Plastic Clip
As low as: $2.86

Keep-It™ Clipboard
As low as: $3.18

Microfiber Clip Board With Embossed PVC Trim
As low as: $8.08

BIC Graphic® Message Clipboard
As low as: $2.76

Storage Clipboard
As low as: $6.41

Letter Size Clipboard/ Spot Color
As low as: $3.78

Windsor Reflections Clipboard
As low as: $7.30

Leatherette Zippered Personal Portfolio Organizer
As low as: $15.01

"Dwight FC" Letter Size Clipboard w/PhotoImage® Full Color Imprint on Clip
As low as: $3.83

Deluxe Senior Size Padfolio
As low as: $4.65

Full Color Process Clipboards
As low as: $5.59


Personalized Clipboards for Customers and Your Business

As much as computers have made things easier, physical paperwork is still an incredibly common sight in today's business world.  Most businesses still have to deal with physical versions or backup of various applications, surveys, and other forms throughout the day, creating a mess of papers for employees to deal with.  Promotional clipboards make the process efficient and organized, while also getting a bit of extra marketing in at the same time.

At the most basic level, all logo imprinted clipboards have the same form: a board to act as a backing for the paper, and a clip to easily attach the paper to the board.  The board can be made from any number of different types of materials, but the most common ones are plastic, vinyl, and wood.  Logo imprinted clipboards typically have the logo printed on both the front and the back of the board, and many can also have things like rulers printed along the edge as well.

The clips of logo imprinted clipboards can vary even more.  In addition to normal plastic or metal clips with the logo of your company printed on them, many have other features built in as well.  Promotional calculator clipboards, for example, can be extremely useful for anyone who has to do calculations for the forms they need fill out.

In general, custom clipboards are useful for any company whose employees or customers have to fill out a great deal of forms, or who need to read through physical paperwork on a regular basis.  Many doctor's offices and clinics make use of them, since any visit will inevitably require a number of forms to be filled out.  Banks and insurance companies often use logo clipboards when giving new customers applications to fill out, and companies of all kinds will often use them when giving surveys.  The logos printed on the clip and the back of the board ensure that the company name will be visible both to the person holding the clipboard and to everyone else in the area, making them especially useful when giving surveys or getting people to sign up for things out in public.

Any business that has to deal with paperwork can get good use out of custom clipboards.  The paperwork will continue to exist as it always has, but with promotional clipboards, it will at least have the benefit of promoting your company while it's there.


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Clipboard Gift

Brockman Set
As low as: $25.80

Miller Bundle
As low as: $47.30

Black Leatherette Zippered Binder Padfolio
As low as: $15.40

9x12.5 Clip Board with Standard Clip
As low as: $17.23

Eras Clipboard Padfolio
As low as: $10.11

Linen Tech Organizer Portfolio Notebook
As low as: $11.74

Associate Zipper Clipboard Padfolio
As low as: $11.83

Education Is A Work Of Heart Clipboard & Full-Color Pen Gift Set
As low as: $4.38

Cotton Canvas Writing Folder
As low as: $6.33

ECO Friendly Wood Clipboard
As low as: $2.07

Textured Plastic Clipboard Portfolio
As low as: $7.01

Save One Life And You're A Hero Save A Hundred Lives And You're A Nurse Clipboard & Pen Gift Set
As low as: $4.38

Superheroes In Scrubs Gift Combo
As low as: $14.43

9" x 12 1/2" Blue/Silver Leatherette Clipboard
As low as: $14.28

Laser engraved Leatherette Clipboard
As low as: $14.13

Clipboard Gift