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Accounting Firms, College Math Departments, Charter Schools, Insurance or Auto Estimators, Pharmaceutical and other Sales Teams or any other group that regularly needs to do primary math or calculations could all benefit from a custom promotional calculator. Calculators are great for promotions too. You can put your logo, or message on them. Use them at tradeshows, or in your shop or store. Display your corporate identity or message, while providing users with an everyday practical mathematical tool.  Cannot find the calculator you're looking for on this page? Use the search feature at the top to find more-- We have thousands of calculators and calculator combination products to choose from!


Steps Sport Watch/Pedometer
As low as: $4.30

3-in-1 Calculator/Picture Frame/Digital Clock
As low as: $11.18

.020 White Plastic Date Finder Wheel Calculator (4.25" dia.), Spot Colors
As low as: $0.68

3-On-a-Page Deskbook Portfolio's
As low as: $47.30

Wave Calculator
As low as: $2.71

PVC Waterproof Zippered Pencil Pouch
As low as: $0.80

Circular 4" Date Finder Calculator
As low as: $1.16

Custom Shaped Plastic Items .040 Clear Copolyester, 7 Sq/In, Spot Colors
As low as: $0.31

17" Budget Backpack
As low as: $6.91

World Time Clock and Calculator w/Pen Holder
As low as: $2.80

4" Date Finder Calculator Wheel
As low as: $0.51

Custom Magnetic Decals
As low as: $0.11

Deskmate Calculator
As low as: $1.84

Date Calculator Double Wheel
As low as: $0.50

Large Date Calculator Double Wheel
As low as: $0.73


How Custom Calculators Can Multiply Your Business

We may all learn to do math by hand in elementary school, but few adults want to spend their time sitting around manually working out figures.  Most people have other things they need to spend their time on, and there's no reason to go to all that trouble when a simple calculator can do the job much more efficiently.  Just about anyone will consider a calculator to be a useful item, and as such, you'll find that promotional calculators are one promotional item that's very likely to be kept by those who receive them.

This everyday usefulness of logo imprinted calculators is their strongest advantage over many other types of promotional products. In addition to helping them stay in the hands of your customers, this also gives them an increased variety in terms of when and where they're used.  Though calculators are especially popular around tax season, they remain useful at any time of year and in any situation requiring the owner to figure out a budget or do some other kind of math.

Calculators work well as a promotional item for businesses relating to finance or other areas that require math.  Tax preparers in particular can draw in a good number of customers just by gifting calculators to those who are potentially interested in their services.  Many people don't make the decision to choose a tax preparer until they've actually attempted to do their own taxes for that year and gotten frustrated, and having the logo of a particular tax preparation business right there on the calculator in front of them can easily be the deciding factor in who they turn to.  This can apply equally well to people making calculations before starting a new home improvement project or attempting to sell their homes, so businesses in those fields can benefit as well.

Whatever line of business you're in, if your customers ever need to do math, promotional calculators will serve them well.  They calculators will help them to complete an inconvenient task was much more efficiency, while keeping them thinking of your business while they do it.





Deluxe Executive Portfolio with Tab Closure
As low as: $11.14

Digital Calendar, Clock, and Calculator with Wooden Base
As low as: $15.05

Carbon Fiber Pen and Calculator Gift Set
As low as: $38.70

Jotter Note Pad with Calculator
As low as: $2.88

Deluxe Executive Portfolio with Tab Closure (Black)
As low as: $11.14

Deluxe Executive Portfolio with Tab Closure (Coffee Brown)
As low as: $11.14

Notebook with Calculator
As low as: $3.43

Calculator with Built-In Card Holder
As low as: $12.04

Wood Base Calculator in Cherry Finish
As low as: $10.75

Wood Base Calculator in Rosewood Finish
As low as: $10.75

Calculator w/Carbon Fiber Finish Wood Base
As low as: $13.98

Executive 4-Piece Carbon Fiber Set in Black Lacquer Box
As low as: $67.08

Rosewood Finish Box w/ Pen & Calculator
As low as: $29.89