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42" arc mini fold umbrella with matching plastic handle. Manual open. Folds down to 9" in length. Polyester fabric with matching sleeve.

The Derby Mini Umbrella

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42" arc One touch automatic open/close. Pongee polyester with border. Black shaft and ribs. Black rubber spray handle with silver accents. Matching sleeve with bungee closure.

Golf Size Folding Umbrella

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58" arc folding golf style umbrella. Auto open. Best of both worlds, compact yet opens large to keep you dry in foul weather. Comes with a wood handle and nylon sleeve with shoulder strap. 22" Length

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The Open, a 58" arc auto open golf umbrella with vented technology. All fiberglass frame and rubberized handle. Matching nylon sleeve.

The ShedRays® umbrella for rain and sun is the perfect companion -- weather or not. The double canopy vented umbrella opens to a generous 62" arc, big enough to shelter three. It's silver polyurethane top provides 50+ UPF sun protection, while the patented 2.0 TSF ergonomic handle offers a sure, comfortable grip. Closed it is approximately 39 inches (99.1 cm) in length. The vented canopy is engineered to resist windy conditions. It offers significant increase in durability and life of umbrella. 39" Length

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The modern contrast of dark and bright colored umbrella handles, with the coordinating colored shaft and single panel is available in 4 top-rated colors. A double canopy design adds robust wind resistance to the legendary performance of ShedRain golf umbrellas. There's room for three under the generous 62" arc of this golf umbrella. Our patented TSF 2.0 ergonomic Airflex polymeric rubber grip handle offers a secure comfortable grip. Closed, this umbrella is approximately 40" in length. 39.75" Length x 2.125" Width x 2.125" Height

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The Windjammer®'s double canopy adds robust wind resistance to the legendary performance of ShedRain golf umbrellas. It's generous 62" arc means it's big enough to shelter three, while the rubber handle makes it comfortable to hold for 18 holes. Closed, it's approximately 39 inches (99.1 cm) in length. The fiberglass shaft and rib construction offers significant increase in durability and life of umbrella. 38.5" Length

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Low cost umbrella with automatic open (manual close), 8 panel pongee canopy and 42" arc coverage. Features iron shaft and ribs, polypropylene plastic handle with 5.5" Length polyester wrist strap. 15" Length x 2.25" Diameter

Compact Umbrella

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Keep you customers dry in any weather with this compact umbrella! This handy umbrella combines the automatic open technology with the convenience of compact style. The flat top design reduces rain buildup for added convenience. This easy to carry umbrella has a matching cover, automatic open. This umbrella measures 15 3/4" x 2" when closed and opens to 40" dia x 19.5" Long . Personalize this umbrella for your next marketing event!. The Compact Umbrella is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 40" Deep x 19.5" Long

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Keep your customers safe and out of the rain with this windproof umbrella! This umbrella features a 60" arc, double-ribbed construction, hardwood handle, size: 40" Long x 60". Storm spring allows the umbrella to invert in a heavy gust of wind to be pulled right back into shape. This umbrella is available in a variety of colors and printing options for you to customize it to your unique specifications to match the needs of your special occasion!. The 60" Windproof Umbrella - Alternating Colors is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 40" Long x 60" Diameter

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