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Colorful upper vent, with contrasting classic black lower vent. Generous 42" vented canopy arc, windproof construction. Automatic opening. Folds to 16" long. Matching fabric case. Rubberized matching sure-grip handle. If the windproof umbrella inverts, just pull it back and it resumes its original shape -- unique feature in an auto-open style. Gusty winds are channeled through the vented canopy to help prevent flyaway umbrellas. Absolute min 12 pcs, inquire for pricing. 42" Diameter

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Largest folding vented 58" canopy arc. Automatic opening. Folds to 22" long. Extra strong hexagonal chrome shaft with fiberglass ribs. Matching fabric case with shoulder strap. Wood handle with wrist strap. Absolute minimum 12 pieces, inquire for pricing. 58" Diameter

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The World's Best Patio Umbrella! PATENTED FRAME CONSTRUCTION -- 7 foot (84") vented canopy arc -- 6 sections -- Fabric: High-density coated 8oz polyester -- Extra heavy fiberglass ribs -- Safety opening device (Runner) -- Aircraft aluminum 38mm... O.D. 8 sided pole. Bases sold separately. Low Minimum available, please inquire for price. Replacement canopies available, as are custom colors, please inquire for details. 84" Diameter

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44" Arc automatic open 3-sections umbrella, close length 12". The umbrellas features a steel shaft and ribs, wood handle, 100% polyester canopy & self sleeve. 8 Panels. 44" Diameter

Umbrella Hat

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Turn heads with our colorful vinyl umbrella hat. With your company name or logo on this hilarious 13" hat, you're sure to have plenty of attention. Ideal for handing out on rainy days to promote any business.

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Automatic opening. Pongee canopy with matching color case. Two-section folding metal shaft. Ergonomic matte black plastic handle with wrist strap. Folds to 15" long. Available for one-day turn with Sureship®. Retail-Style Packaging Available For This Marketing item - 2051-02BK Umbrella Gift Box- Medium. The 42" Auto Open Folding Umbrella is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 22" High

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Automatic opening. Large vented pongee canopy with matching color case. Umbrella case includes a shoulder strap. Sturdy two-section hexagonal folding metal shaft. Fiberglass ribs. Gentle foam handle with wrist strap. Folds to 21" long. Available for one-day turn with Sureship®. The 58" Vented Auto Open Folding Golf Umbrella is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 31.25" High

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The Grand Inversa Inverted Umbrella is designed to not only protect you from the rain, but also from a rain-soaked umbrella. With a jumbo 58" arc, double-layer canopy and all-fiberglass construction, the Grand Inversa closes in reversible fashion, keeping the wet side of the umbrella away from you. Makes it easier to open and close inside doorways and cars - stay dry from start to finish. Absolute min 12 pcs, please inquire. Other styles available. 58" Diameter

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This Supermini is a 3-section, manual open umbrella. 9.5" close in length, 42" arc, 8 panels. This umbrella features a steel shaft & ribs, a safety runner, a plastic handle, 100% polyester canopy, and includes a pvc plastic case. 9.5" Long x 3" Wide x 3" High

Rebel2 Umbrella

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Revolutionary design. Inverted design closes away from you. Super simple to get in and out of your car without getting wet. Double canopy umbrella. Straight rubber grip handle. 46" Wide x 23" High

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