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This plastic protein shaker bottle comes with a 7 day pill planner! It's BPA Free and equipped with measurement markings of 4 Oz. to 20 Oz. on one side and 100 mL to 600 mL on the other. With two compartments, you'll never have to worry about where to hold your pills while going out to exercise. This bottle is lightweight and does not leak, making it ideal for taking to the gym, playing sports, or even going on a daily jog. A great giveaway specialty product for gyms, fitness centers, sports and more!. 7.5" Height x 3.5" Diameter

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These clear plastic shaker bottles feature black screw on caps with a convenient carry handle, colorful lid that snaps tight to secure your contents, and matching color weighted mixer that makes blending your protein supplement that much easier. Marketing item Dimensions: 9.2" Height X 3.3" Width , Convenient Carry Handle. Available in 7 fun colors!. 9.2" Height x 3.3" Width

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