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Star Massager

As Low As
This great looking star shaped massager has a durable five-point massage design and a comfortable grip. Ideal for deep tissue massage. 4.75" Wide x 4.75" High x 1" Deep

Hand Shape Massager

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This hand massager has five fingertip-like pressure points and a large print decoration area. It's also easy to grip and can function as a business card/ memo holder. 5" Width x 4.25" Height x 2.5" Depth

Total Comfort Spa Kit

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This kit includes an arched roller face massager, a cool gel eye mask, a palm/foot massage ball and an imprintable clear plastic zippered bag with rope handle. 8.75" Width x 3" Height x 1.5" Depth

Cranial Massager

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12 Stainless legs with rubber tips and handle. Stimulates nerves on the scalp and neck. Increases blood circulation. Provides deep relaxation and helps reduce stress. 4.5" Width x 4.5" Depth x 8.75" Height

Four-Point Massager

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This massager has four precision pressure points that offer deep tissue massage. It has an asymmetrical design and the easy-comfort handle provides grip and print area. 5.125" Wide x 4.875" High x 1.75" Deep

Sure Grip Massager

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Massage hard to reach spots. This massager has four precision pressure points and an easy-comfort handle provides solid grip. Great for deep tissue massage. 6.5" Width x 3.75" Height x 2" Depth

Massage Upad

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* Massage pad with oil self-contained within pad * Works over clothing or bare skin * Soothing, frictionless contact without the mess of oils * Massage is helpful for arthritis, headaches, facial tension, sore backs and more * Ideal for arthritis, headaches & facial tension, sore backs and more * Includes storage pouch. 12" Width x 9" Height

Massagers |   
As Low As
Union Imprinted, Foldable Back Scratcher & Massager, 2-in-1 Handy Tool, 15" long Back Scratcher will ensure that even the most annoying itches in hard to reach places don't go unscratched. Two level Massager Feels Amazing & Helps relieve aching muscles all over your body. Folds in half So it's easy to Carry in your purse or bag even in Your Pocket or store in a drawer for easy accessibility. Decorated in our Union Shop - Union Bug Available at No Charge!. 7.5" Long

Star Massager

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This star-shaped massager feels like a real hand. This lightweight executive massager glides smoothly along your body. A truly feel-good promotion. Price includes a 1-color direct print decoration. The Star Massager is compliant with CPSIA, FDA, Food Grade, Cal OEHHA Prop 65, SQF, TSA. 5.75" Diameter

Large Acrylic Massager

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Our large acrylic massager gives you the comfort of a spa to help you relax any tense muscles. Available in 3 colors. 6.75" Wide x 4.75" High

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