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Lint Brush

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Folds into compact, portable accessory. Handle also serves as a shoehorn. 4" Length x 1.375" Width x 0.5" Height

Roll & Rinse Lint Remover

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Gel roller easily picks up lint. Simply rinse to remove lint from roller. One color one location print decoration. 4" Long x 1.25" Wide x 1.25" High


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Brush Fabric Side in Downward Motion Against Clothing. Reusable. Simply Wipe Your Finger in Upward Motion Against Fabric Side to Clean. Fits in Your Wallet s Credit Card Pockets. Ideal for Direct Mail Campaigns. Convenient Travel Size. 3.375" Wide x 2.125" High

Lint Stick

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Convenient Travel Size. 6.5" Height

Lint Roller w/Handle

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Our lint rollers are perfect for pet stores, homes & businesses. 6.25" Length x 1.125" Width

Mini Lint Roller

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Travel size lint roller with 30 tear off sheets each 3"h x 3-1/2"w. 6.5" Height x 1" Width

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Surfboard shaped nail file on one side and fabric brush on other side with our full color digital processing of your image underneath the abrasive. The fabric brush nail file comes with a vinyl sleeve at no extra charge. This is a great specialty product that has a very economical per impression. One year life span allows this promotional item to tell your client's story over and over again. May be manufactured in the USA. 6.5" Long x 1.5" Wide x 1/8" Thick

Compact Lint Roller

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Compact lint roller is easy to take with you when traveling or to keep in your desk drawer for those last minute emergencies. Thirty sheets per roll will keep you looking your best. 1.625" Diameter x 7.125" Long

Easily removes lint and pet hair from clothing and more! Specially designed cover helps prevent lint sheets from sticking to purse or pocket contents. 3" Length x 4" Width

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Convenient Travel Size. Includes 15 Sheets Of Sticky Paper. 3.75" Width x 1.5" Height

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