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Quick-Speed Jump Rope

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Adjustable rope. Size is for black handles. 0.875" Diameter x 4.875" Height

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Ten-foot long jump rope. Thin flexible metal cable is covered with soft plastic. Thumb screws at each end allow for easy adjustment of length. 0.8125" Diameter x 5.75" Height x 118.25" Width

Fun Skipper Jump Rope

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8' jump rope with lightweight handles, funny face and large print decoration area. Funny face handles. 1.1875" Diameter x 7" High

Heart Fitness Jump Rope

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This 8' jump rope has a red heart on end of handles and a large flat print area on handles. 1.75" Diameter x 5.625" High

Solid Colored Jump Rope

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Jump for fun...jump for your health! Good looking solid colors - red, blue, green, orange, purple - or buy them assorted! White handles. Call for color availability. Also available woven in red, white & blue (#FUN480) and available woven in "rainbow" colors (#FUN580). 84" Long

Plastic Jump Rope

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Jump ahead of your competition with this fun toy. These jump ropes are perfect for trade shows, conventions or school fundraisers. Add your custom print decoration or no print decoration at all, depending on your project needs. Measuring 75" long, with 3 3/4" plastic handles. The Plastic Jump Rope is compliant with CPSIA. 75" Long

10-ft Jump Rope

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The 10-ft Jump Rope includes plastic handles. 1.125" Wide x 4" Long

Jump Rope

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Classic playground toy with woven cloth jump rope with white plastic handles. Promote healthy living with fun-for-all-ages jump rope. 84" Length

Champion's Jump Rope

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Polyester jump rope with soft EVA foam grips. Silver or black print decoration recommended for bright colors. The Champion's Jump Rope is compliant with CPSIA, C-TPAT, Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 9' Wide x 5.375" Long x 1.25" Diameter

Colorful Jump Rope

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7ft long cord in three colors and white handle which is ideal for printing. 7' Length

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