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Jumbo size translucent ice scrapper manufactured from break resistant plastic. The Jumbo Ice Scraper is compliant with RoHS. 4.25" Wide x 9" High x 1.25" Deep

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Tri Edge Detachable, Ice Scraper, 3 Blade, Ice Remover. The Tri Edge Detachable Ice Scraper is compliant with RoHS. 4.5" Wide x 10" High x 3/4" Deep

Ice Scraper with Glove

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This Ultimate Ice Scraper Mitt protects your hand from snow, ice and wind while scraping ice from your vehicle. Your logo may be imprinted on the glove.

Easily to use as a outdoor tool in the cold snow winter days. Black color matches all vehicles. Comprised of heavy plastic and stainless steel. Very helpful for your cars outside. Free Shipping. 7" Long x 4.25" Wide

13" Rubberized Ice Scraper

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Integrated long handle ice scraper, built in rubberized blade ensure no scratch of car windows and windshields. Very practical tool for your car. 13" Long x 4.75" Wide

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Boost your company image awareness by using these custom ice scrapers as promotional giveaways or corporate gifts. Featuring an extra wide, heavy duty scraper with a sturdy handle and thumb rest. This scraper helps clear ice and frost from vehicles or some other places, available in many solid and translucent colors. Prices listed included freight to US west coast. 8.25" Long x 3.75" Wide

Plastic Ice Scraper

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This ice scraper is composed of ABS plastic. Features teeth on the back of the blade, obtuse scraper design for protecting your car and a hole in the handle for easy hanging. Your logo is imprinted right on the front via screen imprinting. Great gift for roadside service providers, vehicles repair shop and Automobile dealerships. 8.75" Length x 4.25" Width x 1/2" Height


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This Heated Ice Scraper is a wonderful solution for clearing windshields off without a whole lot of effort. It plugs into your car's 12V outlet and has an aluminum heating element to assist the process. While it might not stop the ice from getting there in the first place it can sure help clear it. No need to struggle anymore to remove the accumulated ICE off your Windshield. Plug into cars 12 Volt outlet. It has 15 Feet extended cord and comes with LED "ON" light to indicate the device is On.

Ice Scraper

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Our handy Ice Scraper features a serrated scraping edge for hard ice and 2 rubber squeegee edges for light frost. Ideal for removing ice on your windshields and even on your skis. It is also compact enough to fit in your pockets or glove compartment. Size: 3" x 4" Print decoration area: 2" x 2 1/4". 3" Long x 4" Wide

Ice Scraper Mitten

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Makes scraping ice off your windshield a little warmer and fuzzier! The mitten's fleece lining will keep your hands warm and dry, while the built-in 4 1/2" heavy-duty plastic ice scraper blade with ice chipper edge does the hard work. 6.5" Width x 9.5" Height

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