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Snowbrush Shovel Combo

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This collapsible snowbrush / shovel combines 5 component pieces, neatly organized into a clear zippered 15dmm PVC bag with accented handles. Includes: Telescoping shaft with lightweight Aluminum alloy construction and reinforced 2-position smart locks (33" fully extended). Extra wide 10" snowbrush with extra thick dual row bristles and 7-position pivoting head for a full range of motion. 4" Heavy-duty Ice Scraper Blade w/ specially designed ice chippers. 10" full rubber window squeegee. 14" Length x 8.67" Height x 2.4" Width

Ice Breaker Ice Scraper

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Our Heavy Duty Ice Scraper comes with a strong blade that will remove frost, ice and snow from any car window. The Ice Breaker Scraper with its smooth lines comes in popular translucent colors. 3.75" Wide x 8.25" Long

3-in-1 Ice Scraper

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Break the ice this promotional season by adding your custom print to this handy ice scraper! It scrapes off the ice without breaking or scratching your car. It offers 3 different types of easily interchangeable blades based on the condition of your windshield. Don't leave you customers out in the cold - be prepared for winter snow storms and ice with this handy marketing tool. 10" Long x 4.5" Wide

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PS/ABS ice scraper with thermal flannel-lined (13"x7") fitted long mitt with durable waterproof outer 210 Deep nylon coat holds practical PS/ABS ice scraper. 7" Wide x 15" Long

Translucent PS Ice Scraper

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Translucent acrylic ice scraper with soft PVC rubber grip. 4" Wide x 9.25" High

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Frozen in place waiting for a suitable promotional promotional item for your marketing campaign? This business card size ice scraper just may help you defrost! Able to fit in a wallet or purse, this winter accessory comes in a variety of bright colors and may be attached to a key ring. Features 3 different sized scrapers and rubber squeegee. With your company name or logo printed, the finished designs would be perfect fundraising prizes or trade show giveaways! 3.375" Width x 2.25" Height

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On/off slide bottom. White LED flashlight. One color location print included. Multicolor print available. 8.25" Wide x 4" High

Multi Blade Ice Scraper

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Versatile ice scraper for all weather conditions. The three blade head snaps securely into the sturdy handle and may be rotated to use the optional blade. Rubber squeegee, straight edge and serrated edge. 10" Wide x 4.5" High x 1/2" Thick

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Long Boy, Wooden Handle, Storm, Bristle, Blade, Ice Remover, Snow Remover, Window, Glass, Long Handle, Handheld. 24" Length x 3" Width

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De-ice windows and wipers, helps reduce dangerous re-freeze, perfect for vehicles parked outside and includes rugged built in ice scrapper and 11 Oz. canister

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