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The Gripper Ice Scraper

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Break the ice in your next campaign with our durable Gripper Ice Scraper. This silver ice scraper has a black PVC grip accents, helping you keep a hand on the device during those wintry mornings. A perfect promotional marketing item for car repair shops, dealerships and gas stations. Sold with your company's logo in one 1 1/4 x 1/2 location. The The Gripper Ice Scraper is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 3.0" Wide x 7.0" High x 0.5" Deep

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Power-Grip Ice Destroyer

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Contoured handle for maximum scraping power; Rugged plastic; may be used in the coldest climates;. The Power-Grip Ice Destroyer is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 6" Length x 3.5" Width

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Union Imprinted, 3-in-1 Ice Scraper, Winter is upon us! Be prepared with this multi-use Ice Scraper. At 10 inches long this ice scraper is sturdy and strong enough to bust through thick ice yet still easily fits into a glove box or storage compartment. With and Ice Scraper, Ice Breaker, and Squeegee it can handle all your car's windshield needs. Simply pull out the blade, rotate, and snap back in place to switch functions. Full Color Process Epoxy Dome Label Imprint decoration Included!

Multi-use Ice Scraper

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Ice scraper, ice breaker and squeegee all in all; Cleans your windshield in the worst of conditions; Easy to change blade. The Multi-use Ice Scraper is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 10" Long x 4.5" Wide

32 and Below Power Scraper

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Extra-wide, four-inch blade for fast windshield cleaning; rugged, impact construction delivers long-lasting, heavy-duty performance; Non-slip, ribbed-rubber handle and power-angle slices through ice, slush and snow;. The 32 and Below Power Scraper is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 4" Wide

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We all know the feeling...... You arrive at your car, to see ice covering your windshield...... Then that "I have places to be" feeling starts to creep in....... Well, your the problem is solved! With this conveniently sized ice-scrapper, annoyance with Mother Nature will be a thing of the past! The IS1 fits in wallets, purses, or glove compartments and allows your company image to appear in your clients time of need! • FREE 24 Hour Service • BPA Free • Recyclable • Imprinted in the USA! 3.375" Width x 2.625" Height

Fold Down Ice Scraper

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This ice scraper comes with a large brush for cleaning snow off your car. It comes apart for compact storage in the glove compartment, door pocket or trunk. Instructions are included. The brush may be used vertically or horizontally. Price includes full color domed decal on the blade. Please note the imprinting process approximates a PMS match. The Fold Down Ice Scraper is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 10" Width x 24" Length x 4.375" Height

Ice Scraper Mitten

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Our Ice Scraper Mitten scrapes ice off of the windshield while keeping hands dry and warm. Scrape ice off of windshield while keeping your hands dry and warm, with the built-in mitten. 6" Width x 9.5" Height

Mini Ice Scraper Key Ring

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Our Mini Ice Scraper Keyring is a handy tool to remove window frost and dew, ideal for side mirrors. Scraper comes with three edges: beveled, serrated and a rubber squeegee. This Ice Scraper has a 24mm split ring for attachment to keys. Available in 3 popular colors. 1.688" Width x 2.25" Height x .125" Depth

Trapezoid Ice Scraper

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Our Handy Ice Scraper is compact enough to keep in the glove compartment. It is ideal for snow, ice sleet & dew removal. The trapezoid shape Ice Scraper has a two beveled edge, serrated edge, plus a rubber squeegee at one side. 4.75" Wide x 4.313" High x .12" Deep

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