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Rugged construction. Features three blades: scraper, ice chipper, squeegee. Simply pull top portion out from handle, select blade and reinsert into handle for easy use. 4.5" Long x 10" Wide x 0.5" High

24" Foam Handle Snow Brush

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24" Heavy Duty Foam Handle Snow Brush. 9" brush / 4" scraping blade. 24" Long x 4" Wide

Dual Blade Ice Scraper

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Molded in high-impact styrene. Patented design creates a double scraping blade for quick clean removal of frosted and snow in one pass. Value includes same color print on handle and blade. The Dual Blade Ice Scraper is compliant with ANSI, CPSIA. 9" Height x 3.625" Width

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Visor clip ice High impact polystyrene with built in clip attaches to sun visor for easy access. The 9" Budget Ice Scraper - with Visor Clip is compliant with ANSI, CPSIA. 9" High x 3" Wide

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Our classic ice scrapers are now available with full-color digital imprinting. The modern ribbed grip handle is reversible so the print is always in full view. The heavy duty scraping blade is as strong as ever produced from 1/4" thick polystyrene. The Digital 10" Polar Ice Scraper is compliant with ANSI, CPSIA. 1.00" Length x 4" Width

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Printed in full color on white handle 11 1/2" two-piece ice scraper. Heavy-duty 1/4" thick scraping blade and patented ribbed grip handle. Patent # D410,122; D415,325; 6,006,396. The Polar Ice Scraper is compliant with ANSI, CPSIA. 11.5" Height x 5" Width

Break The Ice Scraper

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Extra wide, heavy duty ice scraper with sturdy handle and thumb grip is small enough for easy storage. 4.25" Long x 9.25" Wide x 0.5" High

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Credit Card size Digitally printed ice scraper. White Ice scraper with full color print. Other color ice scrapers are available with additional charge. 2.125" High x 3.375" Wide

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9" Translucent Ice Scraper with Visor Clip - molded from Tritan® co-polyester. The Translucent Ice Scraper with Visor Clip is compliant with ANSI, CPSIA. 9" Height x 3" Width

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These extra wide suede mitts have pile lining to keep your hand warm and dry on cold winter mornings. The Suede Ice Scraper Mitt with Blade Imprint is compliant with ANSI, CPSIA. 11.75" High x 7.5" Wide

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