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This 10" diameter collapsible flying disc is composed of nylon. Features with a suitable pouch to hold polyester nylon flyer when twists to close. Bring lots of fun to your pet dog carrying your name and logo on it. It is an ideal giveaway promo product to boost your company image or company message while any outdoor advertising event. QTY30000 and above are based on Ocean Shipping. 10" Diameter

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Cup Holder Frisbee has been designed for FUN & as well as to carry your cups. It may be used as a cup holder & can carry 6 cups or 4 cups. Our 14 1/6", 6 cups Frisbee is heavier than usual Frisbee Disc, which will fly farther & stay aloft longer in breezy or windy conditions. Great disc for the beach Or any open areas where most discs are susceptible to the wind. 200 gram weight. (Average Frisbee discs are between 90g & 150g). It is recyclable, BPA free & produced from PP material. The Flying Disc Tray Cup Holder- Coffee Holder 6 Cup is compliant with ISO 9001. 14.063" Diameter

Gamer Disk

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Here's a splendid marketing tool to throw into your company's campaign. This Gamer Disk is manufactured of polypropylene and is phthalate-free, and non-toxic and lead free. With a 9 1/4 diameter; add your company's logo to this marketing product to create a fun giveaway. It's a great choice for family, school and business marketing events. CPSIA certified and manufactured in the USA; select this specialty item for upcoming tradeshows and fundraisers for a handy way to promote business. The Gamer Disk is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 9.25" Width x 9.25" Height x 0.0" Depth

Maui Flying Disk

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Your corporate events are sure to erupt in loads of fun with the Maui flying disc! (Plastic flying disc, Smooth surface) Ideal for: company picnics, outdoor corporate events, awareness corporate events, recruiting corporate events. 4.875" Diameter

Kona Mini Flying Disk

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Don't let its size fool you. The Kona mini flying disc is sure to get the game off the ground! (Small flying disk, Grooved edges for extra grip, Polypropylene) Ideal for: company picnics, outdoor corporate events, awareness corporate events, recruiting corporate events, pep rallies, special corporate events. 3.5625" Diameter

Confetti Flyer

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Fun, unique design! Due to the nature of the promotional item, the confetti pattern on each flyer is different. We recommend bold type and graphics in all ad copy. Fine lines, fine type, and intricate logos may not be easily read. The Confetti Flyer is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 9" Diameter

5-Inch Flyer

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The 5-Inch Flyer by HumphreyLine is a solid color flyer that lets your message soar.  It's constructed of premium materials that will not shatter or break, in addition to being food-contact safe. Produced in the USA. FOB ZIP: KY, 41042. The 5-Inch Flyer is compliant with CPSIA, FDA, Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 5" Height x 5" Width

10" Flexible Flyer Disc

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The 9" Flyer is ideal for sporting activities, promotions, schools, and social advertising events! • FREE 24 Hour Service • Flying Disc • Recyclable • Imprinted in the USA • Worry-Free Client Service. 10" Height x 10" Width

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Changes color in sunlight. Severe weather conditions may effect the color change. The Sun Fun Value Flyer is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 9" Diameter

Oahu Flying Disk

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Toss around the Oahu flying disc for enough fun to cover an island! (Plastic flying disk, Beveled center) Ideal for: company picnics, outdoor advertising events, awareness advertising events, sponsorship gifts. 7" Diameter

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