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Patriotic Flyer

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Shoot for the sky with your next marketing campaign when you add your custom print decoration to these collapsible stars and stripes flyers! Available in a patriotic red white and blue color scheme, they fold up and store conveniently in the small matching pouch that included. This unique flying toy is manufactured of nylon wrapped over a stainless steel rim. Makes a great giveaway for July 4th. 10" Width

Confetti Flyer

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Fun, unique design! Due to the nature of the marketing item, the confetti pattern on each flyer is different. We recommend bold type and graphics in all ad copy. Fine lines, fine type, and intricate logos may not be easily read. 9" Diameter

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Changes color in sunlight. Severe weather conditions may effect the color change. 9" Diameter

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Foldable nylon disc with matching pouch. Due to the nature of the wire rim, circles may not be an ideal circle. 10.25" Diameter

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The folding disc flyer is comprised of 190T nylon. It's great for family outings or picnics. It can fold to fit into a matching pouch, light weight and convenient to carry. Print logo on both disc and pouch. This promotional product may be printed with your company's name, logo or message on both disc and pouch. 9.813" Diameter

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Diameter Zebra Zip Flyer composed of clarified polypropylene material. This promotional item is available in 5 stock colors. 5.25" Diameter

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The 5-Inch Jewel Translucent Flyer by HumphreyLine is a color flyer that lets your message soar. Also available in solid colors, see promo product HL-30. Produced in the USA. FOB ZIP: KY, 41042. The 5-Inch Jewel Translucent Flyer is compliant with CPSIA, FDA, Cal OEHHA Prop 65.

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Have you been tossing around ideas of what your next promotional giveaway should be? Our new folding fly disc is a great gift for company picnics, beach days or any other outdoor company events. Toss it back and forth with your logo or message boldly imprinted on it and watch your company image name take flight! When you're done, fold it back up and tuck it away for next time. This fun handout comes in several eye-catching colors to choose from. 10" Diameter

Fold-Up Flying Disk

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• Manufactured of soft nylon and an outer ring of wire, which allows for easy folding. • Unfolded, disks are 10" in Diameter and 3" when folded. • Pouch included. • Note: Due to the nature of the specialty item, the round shape may change from use or during shipping. Please call for quote on heat transfer printing. 10" Wide

Folding Flying Disc

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Collapsible nylon flyer, composed of polyester, 10". Foldable flying saucer or flying disc with pops opening. Fold up and fits into a pocket sized pouch. Put your logo on both flyer & case. Ideal choice for picnics, beach days, and other outdoor activities. Overseas production, price includes shipping to door(US mainland). 10" Diameter

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