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When tackling big projects this flashlight and tool set will help make the job a little easier! This customizable set features a 180 degree swivel spotlight, flashing amber hazard light, twin safety reflectors and a 12 volt car lighter adapter (10' long). The 13 piece tool set includes a 9-1/2" rubber grip hammer, pliers, Phillips screwdriver, flat head screwdriver, 6" adjustable end wrench and 8 piece Allen wrenches. Requires 4 C batteries (not included). 15.75" Length x 3.5" Width x 7.5" Height

With a charge capacity of 6000mAh, this micro start power bank is the smallest jumpstarter in the world. It will jump start a gasoline engine with 3.0 Long or smaller and also provide power to your mobile devices. 200 cold cranking amps and a high power battery that charges quickly with low self-discharge, plus a 12V emergency engine start feature, LED light and a USB port. Mini jumper cables, 12v car charging cable, USB 4 way charging cables and manual are all included. Individually gift boxed. The Micro Start Vehicle Jump Starter & Mobile Device Power Bank is compliant with RoHS, UL, UN38.3. 3" Long x 5.25" Wide x 1/4" High

Lantern Keylight

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This key light has the ability to have lantern-like surround lighting through side portals. Great metal feel. 0.6875" Width x 2.5" Height x 0.6875" Depth

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This deluxe roadside safety kit is essential for every car owner. Kit includes: flashlight (2AA batteries), strobe light(2 Depth batteries), 10-gauge jumper cables, tire pressure gauge, gloves, distress flag, 2 bungee cord, rain poncho and air compressor with 12 volt output(250 PSI) and multiple fill hose adapters. Durable travel case with top grab handle. Front pocket and side mesh pocket with safety reflector to hold strobe light. Side pocket secures flashlight in position while working on the side. The Ultimate Roadside Safety Kit Black is compliant with CPSIA, Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 6" Width x 11.5" Height x 12" Length

Lucent 3 - USB LED Light

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Don't judge the Lucent 3 USB LED light by its size! At just a little over an inch, it emmits an ultra bight LED white light with a power and LED rating of 1.5 watts and SMD5730*8, respectively. Simply plug in any USB powered device (shown here with power bank) and it's ready to go. Features a large print decoration area and LED trim lit display. The Lucent 3 is an ideal tech accessory for any industry! 1.625" Length x 1.25" Width x 1/2" Height

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Auto commuters will be relieved to know they have this handy roadside emergency kit tucked away in the trunk in the corporate event of a flat tire, blown fuse, or break down. Kit includes: work gloves, flashlight, tire gauge, emergency poncho, 5-piece tire repair kit, help sign, reflective triangle, zippered storage bag, (3) cable ties, (6) auto fuses (6) electrical connectors. The 28 Piece Roadside Emergency Set is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 9.25" Width x 7.5" Height x 2" Depth

Rectangle LED Key Light

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You will never get stuck in the dark with this specialty item! Light the way to a bright promotional future! Carry it everywhere - on your keys, in your car - anywhere you need to shed a little more light! 2.375" Long x 1" Wide x 0.375" High

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Pull flashlight from the magnetic end to activate the COB light. COB lighting is the newest technology in LED lighting. The COB LED is designed to use less energy & has better temperature management than other light technology. The carabiner allows you to clip it to a promo product & keep it handy. The light has three light settings: high, low & flashing & will burn for 40,000 to 50,000 hours. It comes with one replaceable AAA battery inserted & a tab to prevent battery activation. 18 Lumens/8m distance. The Pull Apart COB Flashlight Key Chain is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 3.125" Long x 3/4" Diameter

8 LED Headlamp

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Light the way while keeping your hands free! The adjustable polyester head strap securely holds the light in place. It is a bright 8 LED light with 2 modes of light - high and flashing and adjusts up and down so you can direct light where it is needed. The light is 27 lumens with a distance of 25 meters. Three replaceable AAA batteries are included. The 8 LED Headlamp is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 2.75" Wide x 1.75" High x 1.375" Deep

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8 1/2" long. Easy to use ON/OFF focus with a simple twist. Manufactured of aluminum making it corrosion resistant. Feature includes a hands free candle mode with a spare lamp inside the tail cap. Water resistant. Batteries not included. MADE IN USA. 8.5" Length

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