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Brown barrel with bamboo clip and green, brown or black trim. Recycled cardboard. Recycled logo/ word on clip is stock. Black ink. 5.5" Length

The Aria Recycled Notepad

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This notebook comes with a heavy cardboard cover produced from recycled paper and has 80 unlined easy to tear pages of recycled blank paper. Each page and the back cover have the recycled logo on them. A blank pen produced from recycled paper with black ink is included. 4" Wide x 5" High

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Click action ball point pen is produced from renewable materials and is biodegradable as it is produced from corn starch plastic. This comes in 4 bright colors and has a soft grip for comfort.

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Set includes Asia ballpoint pen and key ring. Trim manufactured with 45 percent biodegradable materials.

Ecco Recycled Ballpoint Pen

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Recycled paper barrel with a Wood clip and recycled plastic plunger, tip.

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Eco Natural Pen™

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Cardboard barrel is renewable and natural. Clip and tip are 53 percent biodegradable plastic. Click action retractable pen. The Eco Natural Pen™ is compliant with CPSIA, Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 5.5" Length

Enviro Grip Pen™

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Manufactured of renewable plant-based biodegradable plastic. Nature-inspired pen design with rich metallic color barrels and matching rubber grip. Stylish, comfortable rubberized grip pen. Twist-action retractable ballpoint pen. The Enviro Grip Pen™ is compliant with CPSIA, Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 5.5" Long

Alcott Biodegradable Pen

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The entire pen, less the spring and cartridge, is molded with "PSM", a Biodegradable corn starch material; Environmentally friendly and extremely great looking; a pen you'll be proud to own, proud to present; Black ink and a non-skip, carbide writing ball provide performance worthy of this pen's sleek, great looking design. 5.375" Length

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New World Biodegradable Pen

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Show your company's commitment to the environment; Recycled paper barrel with biodegradable plastic clip, tip and plunger; Non-skip, carbide writing ball. 5.5" Long

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The Madeira Pen

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A click action ballpoint pen comprised of recycled paper and features a wood clip. The barrel is comprised of environmentally friendly paper. 5.375" Long

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