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The uniquely compact folding auto-open 46" arc Reversa Umbrella is designed to not only protect you from the rain, but also from a rain-soaked umbrella. The Reversa closes in reverse fashion (folds to just 13" long), keeping the wet side of the umbrella contained and away from you. This intelligent design makes it easy to open and close anywhere, keeping you dry from start to finish. Comfortably shaped handle. Includes a matching fabric case. Absolute min 12 pcs, inquire for pricing. 46" Diameter

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The Open, a 58" arc auto open golf umbrella with vented technology. All fiberglass frame and rubberized handle. Matching nylon sleeve.

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Automatic opening. Large pongee canopy with matching color case. Umbrella case includes a shoulder strap. Sturdy two-section hexagonal folding metal shaft. Fiberglass ribs. Gentle foam handle with wrist strap. Available for one-day turn with Sureship®. 31.25" High

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Automatic opening. Vented Pongee canopy with matching color case. Two-section folding metal shaft. Ergonomic matte black plastic handle with wrist strap. Folds to 15" long. Available for one-day turn with Sureship®. Retail-Style Packaging Available For This Marketing item - 2051-02BK Umbrella Gift Box- Medium. 22" Height

The Illuminator

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44" arc auto-open pongee umbrella with fiberglass ribes black rubber spray handel and matching sleeve with swivel LED flashlight and red hazard light. LED batteries included.

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This umbrella comes in solid colors and a unique 2-tone pattern. The unique 2-tone design has 2 white panels opposite of each other with the other panels being the color of your choice. It has an automatic open button, opening it from its 16" folded position. Attractive two tone handle with hand grip and loop for hanging it up easily. Comes with its own sleeve and matches the color of the umbrella. (Less than minimum quantity available)

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The 41" Pensacola Folding Umbrella has a polyester canopy, a three-section folding metal shaft and an ergonomic matte black plastic handle with a wrist strap. Folds to only 9-1/2 inches long. 9.5" Length

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Affordable umbrella with automatic open (manual close), 8 panel pongee canopy and 42" arc coverage. Features iron shaft and ribs, polypropylene plastic handle with 5.5" Long polyester wrist strap. 15" Long x 2.25" Diameter

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Spectacularly color-coordinated extra-large 64" arc umbrella, with matching fiberglass shaft & ribs, ferrule and sure-grip handle, has the sporty look, extra-large canopy and heavy duty construction golfers demand! Absolute minimum 12 pieces, inquire for pricing. 64" Diameter

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Fashionable 48" canopy arc umbrella. Pushbutton automatic opening. Thick 10mm metal shaft with matching ferrule & tips. Matching fabric case with shoulder strap. Straight wood grain handle. Absolute minimum 12 pieces, inquire for pricing. 48" Diameter

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