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Promo2 Folding Umbrella

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Automatic open folding umbrella. Rubber comfort-fit handle. Nylon canopy with matching sleeve. 13" when closed. 44" Wide x 13" Long

Rebel2 Umbrella

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Revolutionary design. Inverted design closes away from you. Super simple to get in and out of your car without getting wet. Double canopy umbrella. Straight rubber grip handle. 46" Wide x 23" High

Pop-Up Automatic Umbrella

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A Best Seller Year After Year! Automatic open folding umbrella with plastic grip handle and wrist cord. Matching sleeve. Eight panels. Portability, pop-up, and price make this the best overall value in our line. It's our best seller year after year. The Pop-Up Automatic Umbrella is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65.

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Great quality golf umbrella with windproof design. 62" Coverage. Quality manual wood shaft and beautiful wood handle. flixible ribs and spreaders will bounce back in a heavy wind without breaking the frame. Fiberglass ribs and spreaders for strength and durability. Windproof design, pewter tip for added strength. Packed 24 per box (wgt 35 lbs.) Comes in tons of colors, deep inventory, quick turn around. 62" Diameter

42" arc, mini folding umbrella with matching sleeve, wood handle, metal shaft, 10" in length when closed, 100" poly cover - 1 color prints only - PRINT COLORS - pms 1235c, pms 172c, pms 021c, pms 1525c, pms 4505c, pms 375c, pms 348c, pms 5535c, pms 476c, pms 406c,pms 299U, pms 287c, pms 654c, pms 2685c, pms 1905c, pms 232c, pms 187C, pms 194c, pms 7534c, black. FOR LARGER QUANTITIES PLEASE SEE STYLE #RSMINI - 250-1000 PCS. FOR PMS MATCH -PLEASE CONTACT FACTORY. 42" Diameter

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This umbrella comes in solid colors and a unique 2-tone pattern. The unique 2-tone design has 2 white panels opposite of each other with the other panels being the color of your choice. It has an automatic open button, opening it from its 16" folded position. Attractive two tone handle with hand grip and loop for hanging it up easily. Comes with its own sleeve and matches the color of the umbrella. (Less than minimum quantity available)

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The PK golf umbrella has auto open, a steel shaft, nylon canopy and a genuine wood handle. It comes with a matching sleeve and over the shoulder strap. 60" Arc. It is a 7&1 design which consists of 7 panels that are all one color and 1 panel a different color. The Golf Umbrella Collection - PK is compliant with ISO 9001, Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 37.5" Length

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Storm Umbrella has auto open polyester canopy and a steel shaft. The handle is genuine wood. It comes with a matching sleeve and has a 60" Arc. The Golf Umbrella Collection - Storm is compliant with ISO 9001, Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 37.5" Long

Inverted Umbrella

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This car reverse umbrella is ideal for your car; it's also a creative gift for your parents, friends, colleagues and etc. Using this reverse umbrella, you are always protected from rain, wind and UV. 41.375" Depth x 31.5" Height

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Double canopy with our patented Windbrella® Vented Mesh System®. Auto open Pinch-less Runner®. Fiberglass constructed frame, ribs and spreader. Ergonomic curved, rubber coated handle. Color coordinated nylon sleeve with shoulder strap. 48" Diameter

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