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Fun Foam Putty

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Ultralight and soft modeling foam beads stick together, so you can form into into fun shapes. Packaged in a two piece clear case which carries a full color digitally imprinted label. It's a great fidget toy, because no one will want to put it down! Non-toxic, ages 3+. 2.625" Diameter

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Valentine Heart Stress Ball

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Stress, Reliever, Stress Toy, Squishy, Novelty, Squeeze, Tension, Anxiety, Frustration, Valentine, Heart, Love, Care, Caring, February, Chocolate, Roses, Flowers, Gift, Adore. The Valentine Heart Stress Ball is compliant with CPSIA. 2.75" Long x 2.75" Wide x 2" High

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Relax and play with this creative putty. Stretch, squish, cut and squeeze! Excellent stress reliever and thinking enhancer. Exercise the muscles in your hands. Pearlized color adds interesting swirls and effects to your fun. Glow-in-the-dark for nighttime enjoyment (yellow only). No funny smell. 2.75" Diameter x 1" High

Round Stress Ball

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Round Stress Ball. Stressed over an idea for your client's next promotional marketing event? Our stress reliever balls are budget friendly, fun, and good for your health! Great valued promotional promo item. Round is the traditional and original stress ball shape. 2.5" Diameter

Round Stress Ball

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Round stress reliever is comprised of lightweight, squeezable stress foam. Available in a variety of colors. 3" Diameter

Emoticon Stress Ball

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Polyurethane stress ball. 19 Stock colors. Price includes your choice of any 1-color stock Emoticon Graphic PLUS your 1-color logo printed on the opposite side. One Emoticon Graphic per order. The Emoticon Stress Ball is compliant with CPSIA. 2.75" Diameter

Golf Ball Stress Ball

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Stress, Reliever, Stress Toy, Squishy, Novelty, Squeeze, Tension, Anxiety, Frustration, Golf, Club, Iron, Wedge, Putter, Green, Fairway, Sports, Ball, Course. The Golf Ball Stress Ball is compliant with CPSIA. 2.5" Diameter

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A new concept in stress relievers! Enjoy the serenity of these slo-releasing squishys - Softer, more soothing feel - With every squeeze, the Happy Face slowly returns to shape. 2" Length x 2.375" Width x 2" Height

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Foam stress relievers are a fun and inexpensive way to advertise. Eco friendly stress reliever. Available in Eco Globe (2.75" Diameter), Eco Heart (2.5" Diameter), Eco Ball (2.5" Diameter). 44 percent of the Eco-Friendly Stress Relievers are made of biobased materials vs. 100 percent of the fossil based materials of other foam promotional items. The Eco Friendly Stress Reliever Ball is compliant with CPSIA. 2.5" Diameter

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A Prime Line exclusive! Produced by Tangle® Great new stress reliever in the theme of our popular exclusive line of Tangle toys! A fun way to promote your company, and makes a great giveaway for trade shows and more! Stress relievers are not intended to be used as toys for children or pets. 2.75" Diameter

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