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Custom Squeeze Toys

Squeeze toys generate a large number of impressions because recipients keep them on their desks for extended periods. Customers are more likely to remember your brand when they see your custom printed logo on the squeezies that they use every day. As a promotional product, a squeeze toy can generate secondary impressions when the original recipient gives the item to another potential customer. [...]
Hand Finger Spinner

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This tri fidget hand spinner is a fidget toy which might be the cure for your nervous or bored energy. A recent trend in fidget toys adds a collectible and good quality flair to finding a place to dump your excess energy. It's comprised of ABS with steel balls. Custom logo is available. 3" Diameter

Stress Ball

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Polyurethane stress ball. 19 Stock colors. The largest selection in the industry. The Stress Ball is compliant with CPSIA. 2.75" Diameter

Twitch Stress Reliever

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The design of this cube is inspired by traditional worry stones, tools used to reduce stress and anxiety when rubbed. Pivot the switch back and forth gently if you're looking to fidget silently, or quickly for a more audible click you don't have to be a gamer to enjoy the unusually satisfying gliding action of this joystick. You'll find 3 clicker buttons and 2 silenced buttons on this side design to satisfy the clicker in each of us. Great for the average fidgeter!. 1.25" Wide x 1.25" High x 1.25" Deep

Round Stress Reliever

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These handmade polyurethane foam stress balls are a fun way to promote your company, organization, hospital or school, while also helping everyone who receives one squeeze away the stress of everyday life!. 2.75" Diameter

High Quality Fidget Cube

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This fidget cube is composed of high quality ABS and silicone.This wonderful fidget cube will release your body and moods, make you focus on your work. Specifically design for people who can't keep their fingers still, and whether you're a clicker, a flicker, a roller or a spinner. Various colors and customized logo for this fidget cube may be available. 1.313" Length x 1.313" Width

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Fiddle Cube

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Fiddle cube provides hours of fun and stress relief. Click, roll, snap and twist your way to serenity. 6 Functions Include tumblers, roll ball, clicker switch, dice dots, spinner, joystick Available color combinations. Below 2000 Pcs -Black or White Case with red 186C, blue 3005C, orange 021C green 368C, black, white buttons. . Red, Blue, Black, Orange, Green, White Cases with Random assortment of buttons. Above 2k any color com Other decoration methods avail EQP NOT AVAILABLE ON THIS PRODUCT!!!. The Fiddle Cube is compliant with CPSIA, RoHS.


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Baseball, Stress Reliever, Stress Ball, Polyurethane, Squeezable, Round, Circle, Sphere, Tension Reliever, Contrast Stitching. The Baseball is compliant with CPSIA. 2.5" Diameter


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Earth Ball, Sphere, Globe, World Map, Round, Stress Reliever, Tension Reducer, Polyurethane, Squeezable, Relieve Stress, Muscle Toner, Circle, Continent. The Earthball is compliant with CPSIA. 2.5" Diameter

Fidget Spinner

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Fidget Spinner. Fidget Hand/Finger Spinner. Composed of ABS plastic, with Steel Bearing. It can spin on average 2-3 minutes. Great gadget to De-stress and for those with Anxiety, ADHD, Autism, Quit Smoking, or Just Playing Around! Great For both Kids and Adults! Colors Available: Green Red, Yellow, Blue, White and Black Size 2 3/4 " x 2 3/4 " x 3/8 ". 3" Diameter x 3" Diameter x .375" Thick

Ball Stress Reliever

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Manufactured Of Polyurethane Foam. Returns To Original Shape After Squeezing. Squeeze Your Tensions Away!. The Ball Stress Reliever is compliant with CPSIA. 2.75" Diameter

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Promotional Squeeze Toys for Tradeshows

- By John Holland

Squeeze ToysSqueeze Toys are available in many standard shapes such as balls, cubes and pyramids and, of course, just about any animal one might imagine. Animal stress relivers are popular for school mascots both for High School and for Colleges and Universities. Sports balls like soccer, baseball basketball and football also work well for NCAA and Varsity sports teams.

Geometric stress blocks are popular for various business promotions. A square gives excellent imprint area to display your logo. Pyramids get attention because people don't see them every day. Balls are, of course, ever popular as well.

Stress toys shaped like people can carry a wide variety of messages. A police officer can be used to promote safety or give a message of security. A fireman can be use to promote fire prevention awareness. Well known characters such as Dilbert and his Pointy Haired Boss (just search for 'Dilbert') give your message humorous touch.