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It's a one hand job. No one wants to use extra spoon to release that sticky ice cream into the bowl and you don't want your guests seeing you doing that. With this innovative design you simply scoop, press the trigger release and serve. With its multipurpose functionality and design, this will be yours go to kitchen gadget. You can use it for cookie dough, watermelons, meat balls etc. Your LOGO or artwork may be laser engraved on it. 7.1" Length x 2" Width

Ice cream scoop it

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Sturdy design makes scooping out the hardest ice creams a breeze. Features push lever for improved release of ice cream. Perfect for corporate picnics, company parties and ice cream shops. 6.1" Long x 2.2" Wide

Pet Scooper with Trash Bags

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This convenient pet scooper with bag holder is great for pet stores, veterinarians, animal leagues and fundraising marketing events. Comes with 20 bags. Refillable once the bags run out. Available in blue (S71072X) and red (S71073X). One location print only. 11" Long x 4.5" Wide

Ice Cream Scoop

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Check out our new line of kitchen tools! Our ice cream scoop is FDA approved and dishwasher safe. Great for your local ice cream shop, restaurant, bakery or cooking school. The Ice Cream Scoop is compliant with FDA. 8" Length

Crab Coffee Scoop

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This cast pewter crab coffee scoop is an adorable addition to your kitchen!

Coffee Scoop

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This all white coffee scoop holds 5 teaspoons of ground coffee. The Coffee Scoop is compliant with FDA, Food Grade. 3.75" Long

Double-Ended Scoop

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This scoop is manufactured of stainless. It has two heads, one can use to eat food and another can engrave. Logo may be printed on it. 9.44" Long x 1.14" Wide

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This ice cream scoop - spade with wood handle is great for serving hard ice cream. The Ice Cream Scoop - Spade w/ Wood handle is compliant with FDA. 9.2" Length x 2.4" Width . 9.2" Length x 2.4" Width

Plastic Scoop

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The plastic scoop is produced from a soft white plastic and holds up to 1 cup. 8.5" Long x 3.25" Wide

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½ cup scoop, great for sugar, flour, or even your favorite pet's food. 7.125" Wide x 2.375" High

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